Tips for Staying Healthy when playing a Game -Tips for Staying Healthy when playing a Game. Nowaday's, who doesn't play games, especially many games that definitely make you addicted to keeping playing? All the things we do every day there must be a positive and negative impact, not apart from playing games, certainly negative and positive impacts often arise that we feel especially for the health of the body. If we can manage or have a way to overcome the negative effects of playing games that are too long, which is addictive, of course, we will do various ways to still be able to play games, but also want health to be maintained. To get the maximum positive impact and prevent adverse effects of playing games, it's good for those of you who often play games for too long to read the tips I summarize below which will certainly be useful for you.

Tips for Staying Healthy when playing a Game

Tips for playing games for a long time but can prevent negative effects on health:

1. Limit playing time.

If you are addicted to playing games, you will usually forget the time, and it is difficult to stop and do other activities. Playing games that are too long has a negative impact on our bodies because our brains will continue to concentrate fully on the games that are being played and ignore other activities such as eating, drinking, sports, and even worship will continue to be postponed. Tips from me set the time to play the game, at the beginning of playing the game, set how many times you have to play the game if you need to make an alarm so you don't forget when to stop.

2. Don't play games without resting.

Now a lot of games have a very high level of addiction, this is usually because the game is indeed very challenging, making the desire to play the game very high. My tips are to try to set the time too play the game, try to set when to stop and make other activities so that when you remember there are other activities you will pause and to prevent addiction in playing the game.

3. Avoid games that can trigger emotional levels.

Nowadays, many games that have addictive effects are very high, usually, users will be addicted due to difficulty or too difficult to complete the mission, but keep trying to be able to finish and if it continues to fail, excessive anger will arise. Tips from me try to stop playing games when emotions have started to appear, look for other activities first to reduce emotions after everything has calmed down, you can start the game you are playing again. Read More: Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile

4. Play games that have a positive effect.

Almost all games must have a positive and negative impact, but if you are more careful, games that have a positive impact should be your priority. My advice is to choose a game that can improve your brain's thinking abilities. Example of games with the genre of action or war, like Fortnite, PUBG, can improve your thinking skills because you are required to make a precise strategy to complete the mission. Read More: Play PUBG Games on the MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini

5. Provide drinking water near you.

If you have already played the game, surely other activities will be left behind. To keep your body healthy while playing games, try to provide drinking water near you so that when you feel bored, loading old games, you can drink water to keep your body temperature.

6. Adjust the screen brightness.

If you play a game with such a long time, the body part that feels sick first is certainly the eye. Keep the screen brightness of your PC or smartphone enough to see, not too bright, because it will only hurt your own eyes. Then set the distance between your smartphone screen and your eyes, try to get too close.
Tips for Staying Healthy when playing a Game

7. Adjust good body position.

When you play the game, try to position your body comfortable and not make you tired quickly. Because usually just playing the game for a while will definitely feel tired quickly. Try when playing the game with a sitting position in a chair that has support for posture.

8. Sports when the game is loading.

This is a very easy way for you to do it. Almost all the games that you play must have a pause button like a lobby to wait, and that's when you have to do a little movement like a sport that can make you not tense. This also one way to be self-motivated to play better.


That's how to play good games and stay healthy, the most important thing is that you have to be able to set a time when playing games, limit the time when playing games, keep the main eye health because of the most vital eye when playing games, maybe that is what I can share for you. There must be many tips you can find, but it doesn't hurt you to try tips from me. Don't forget to visit again because there will be many articles that discuss the latest games, tutorials and more.

Thank you.