10 Sure Tips & How to Play PUBG Mobile

Shortcutgame - Have you been playing PUBG Mobile for a long time but still feel like an amateur player? Maybe you haven't tried a collection of tips and how to play PUBG Mobile which I will review below. By following it, it is guaranteed that you can play like a professional player and can get a Chicken Dinner every time you play.

Collection of Tips & How to Play PUBG Mobile

PUBG Battlegrounds is not just an ordinary gunshot game, but you have to set a strategy to deal with the enemy and be the last to survive. PUBG Mobile itself consists of various modes, starting from Solo, Duo to Squad containing 4 people. Now for the last in a game or last man standing, here are 10 tips & how to play PUBG Mobile, from beginners to advance guys! Read More: The Meaning of the Term Sandwich on PUBG Mobile!

1. Land in the Right Location

Just like other battle royale games, Android PUBG Mobile also has the first mission of landing at a location that you can set yourself.  The main key in making landings is to make sure the location is not approached by many enemies.  Actually, this is a chance. Do your best to start the game easily and benefit you.

2. Quickly Loot buildings around you

After a safe landing, you should immediately be looting the building around you. Take all the items around you as needed, from the best weapons, ammunition, armor, medical kits, and other enhancements. At the beginning of the game, you don't have to pick the weapons you took, be it just a pistol. At least you can survive the enemy attacks.

Tips & how to play PUBG Mobile more...

3. Manage your belongings in inventory

Many Loot at the beginning of the game sometimes makes you forget to manage the inventory stored in your bag. Well here's where you have to manage your luggage so you can get more and more varied items. Dispose of items that are not needed, such as the ammo shotgun that you used to start the game. You can replace them with bomb items, which may be useful at any time.

4. Use the Auto necessary feature

Because it is developed specifically for mobile platforms, PUBG Android gives you some features that make it easier for players to use. For example, it features Auto Sprint, Free Look and Auto Loot to automatically pick up items. Naturally, by activating some of these features, you can be more alert to the surrounding circumstances without having to be confused with picking up items or holding the virtual analog button. Read More: 5 Weapons for Drop PUBG Mobile Supply! Which one suits you?

5. Prefer Items Defense and take the Medical Kit

In addition to the above items, you also have to pay attention to the bag level used. This is because the bag you use has a limited capacity. We recommend not taking too much ammo and items that are thought to be not too necessary. Don't forget to increase defense items, like helmets and vest. Moreover, also prepare medical kits, bandage, energy drink and painkiller in the provisions. The Medical kit will serve to restore blood, while energy drinks and painkiller add more bars over the blood and give you extra speed when running.

6. Always notice the Map

PUBG Android will put you in a map of islands that would become the battleground of 100 other survivors as the PC version. Just like similar games, PUBG Mobile has map mechanisms such as Blue Zone, Red Zone, and Safe Zone. Blue Zone is a forbidden area that can shrink and give damage when you are outside. While Red Zone is a dangerous area that is to be bombed and can make you die instantly.  In addition, there is a safe Zone or a safe zone characterized by white crowding as a safe area in conducting battles.

7. remember to close the door of the Building

When looting, the building's doors by default will close so you have to open them when you're logged in.  Well, after you enter or leave the building in the game, we recommend closing the door again. Why? This lets me give code if the building is looting or you are in it. Other solutions, you can go through the window. Because all windows on PUBG Mobile are equipped with glass tablets.

8. Run quickly and use the Free Look

If you don't already have a vehicle, running fast is the quickest step towards safe zone alias safe zones. To accelerate the sprint, you're better off putting off the gun and running empty-handed.
In this case, you have to be more alert to the surroundings. You can use the Free Look button located at the top right near the map to move the camera to see the surroundings of tablets.

9. Use best weapons according to conditions

Every weapon in PUBG Mobile certainly has its own drawbacks and advantages. But most importantly you should know the best needs and conditions of using weapons in certain situations. When playing in close proximity, it's a good idea to use big damage like a shotgun. Then for intermediate distance use a submachine gun and to remotely be able to use an assault rifle or sniper rifle. Read More: 3 Errors in Playing PUBG Mobile Suspected of Being BOT

10. Use the Headset

Well, it's really important to rely on the sense of hearing as you play this battle Royale survival game, like PUBG Mobile. Preferably, use the headset to get more detailed game details. Here you can listen to the direction of the shot, the direction of the vehicle, the plane carrying supplies or other enemy steps. Moreover, in stereo, you can know the coming both from left and right. Can be more alert right?

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