10 Tips to play PUBG Mobile for Beginners

Shortcutgame - Already playing PUBG Mobile yet? This Game with the main genre of Battle Royale is bustling in smartphones. Moving with the same concept of the PC version, PUBG Mobile can be played on iOS and Android Mobile platforms. For those of you who are not familiar, the Battle Royale genre itself has actually been popularized through a classic Japanese film in 2000 ago adapted from a novel in the year 1999. He told a group of young people stationed on a secluded island by the government with one main goal – having them fight to the death from each other. Each of them got a random supply box containing weapons. And as time goes by, the "battle" area is also minimized to ensure these teenage children meet each other and finish each other.

10 Tips to play PUBG Mobile for Beginners

After a bit of a review about PUBG Mobile, we'll continue to talk about PUBG Mobile's tips and tricks for beginners. In PUBG Mobile, a total of 100 players are flown from one plane to the battle area. One player who manages to survive to the end will be labeled with the title Chicken Dinner. The game requires the strategy and focus of its players to survive to be the last man standing.

Here are 10 tips on playing PUBG Mobile for you who are still beginners:

1. Control Settings

 10 Tips to play PUBG Mobile for Beginners

The fundamental thing before playing PUBG Mobile is the control set. The reason is that the default settings do not necessarily match your playing style. Set the gesture sensitivity at the button position to your convenience. Read More: 10 Sure Tips & How to Play PUBG Mobile

2. Choose the right landing place and jump as fast as possible

10 Tips to play PUBG Mobile for Beginners

Every time you play, you'll be taken with a different route, so it's a different point. Let's make it easy, you can split it into 2 options. The first option is to land in the middle of the map or at the best spot that is full of good loot items. But it is likely you to meet the enemy immediately. Alternatively, the second option, plunge into a location that tends to be a safe and minimal potential shootout at the end of the map. When the second option you choose, it's located near the highway and instantly searches for a vehicle.

You can glide quickly by pointing the analog virtual buttons upwards. After the parachute opens, we can also control and determine where the landing site is as close as possible to the vehicle or building.

It would be better if you immediately target the vehicle, then immediately go away from the flight route line to a safer place for the looting process and obtain the necessary weapons and equipment.
You have 5 minutes after landing before the blue circle begins to move narrowed. The risk of landing at the end of the map is likely that your location will be outside the safe zone, which is the reason why you need a vehicle. Read More: The Meaning of the Term Sandwich on PUBG Mobile!

3. Looting or Item Hunt

Another thing you should notice is looting the item. If you land in the middle of the map, wherever possible should soon find weapons. Whatever it could be can shoot a bullet. Even if there is only a pistol, just grab it because you can easily kill your opponent. Don't focus too much on loot if you land in the middle of the map. Focus on how to finish your opponent quickly so that you can later scavenging calmly. But if you land on the periphery and away from the noise of the players who kill each other in the middle of the map, you can probably have a long time looking for a good item to survive.

4. Self-Supply before battle 

Always check the situation before entering a building. Pay attention when the door is open or there is a car parked because there is a chance the enemy is there and preferably looking for another building.
With the Auto loot feature in PUBG Mobile, your character will automatically fetch important items, replace more powerful weapons and ammunition, and other equipment such as backpacks, helmets, vests, and medical items.

5.Select weapons

You will find various weapons that have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should also learn the types of weapons that are suitable for various situations, as this may be the definition of your survival. Starting from a pistol is a good choice for the beginning of the game; Shotgun with the biggest damage but should be close enough to the enemy; Submachine guns (SMG) with a decent range and damage, assault rifles to survive in mid-game even until the late game with a fairly distant range, and others. Read More: 5 Weapons for Drop PUBG Mobile Supply

6. Replacing the vehicle

 10 Tips to play PUBG Mobile for Beginners

When supplies have been felt enough, it is time to comb and move to the safe zone by vehicle. Compared to motorcycles or karting, cars are a more precise choice. In addition to giving protection from unexpected attacks, cars can also be deadly weapons, where we can hit the found enemies. Do not forget also to pay attention to fuel. Don't let the car run out of gasoline on the road. To be safe, please join the car found when the energy is thinning.

7. Enemy Knocked Down

If the shootout happens and you have to knock down the enemy, do not get close and take away the luggage. He could have played as a squad or a duo; So there may be another one-team player still alive. So, take note of the circumstances around. Once you feel conducive, then grab the loot you need.

8. Healers and Boost Items

This one is equally important considering that PUBG Mobile is implementing a health points (HP) system. This HP uses a percent unit and can be recovered with various consumption items scattered in the game. There are types of items to heal HP, such as bandage that can recover HP as much as 10 percent, first aid kit to recover from the dying condition, and medkits that are able to heal the player's HP to 100 percent when used. Read More: 3 Errors in Playing PUBG Mobile Suspected of Being BOT

9. Communicating with the team

In addition to playing alone, PUBG Mobile also has a team play mode. If you're with a team, try to keep communicating with other colleagues. Make use of the microphone or phone speakers to tell the news of the condition and position where you are. By communicating a good team, the risk of loss will be more shrinking, as long as your team is compact and helping each other.

10. Keep Moving 

In the game, each player is required to continue moving forward to the point set by the team captain. Don't focus too much on looting so you forgot that the battle zone is narrowed and you can't get into the safe zone on time. Keep moving with the calculations. If you're playing with a squad, divide it into 2 teams. Each of them contains two players and moves in tandem with a distance of at least 50 meters. That way, you will not be a soft victim of opponents who is waiting for you because you are walking through the waves.

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