5 Weapons for Drop PUBG Mobile Supply! Which one suits you?

Shortcutgame - PUBG is a game with a battle Royale genre, where players can play with 100 people at once online. In this game, players can play solo, 2-person teams, and 4-person teams, and can invite friends to join the game as a team. In this game, there are many types of weapons that are given and you can take according to what you find, and now I will discuss 5 weapons supply drop PUBG mobile. Check out below!


5 Weapons for Drop PUBG Mobile Supply! Which one suits you?

One of the most feared weapons in PUBG Mobile. You all might have tasted a victim of this weapon.
AWM has a very long shot distance and a power that is also crazy.  If you succeed in launching a shot to the head, the level 3 helmet cannot help your opponent. The problem of AWM is that this weapon is a bolt-action type, so each of your themes is valuable. You need to really understand how to shoot a very limited AWM bullet (the unique type, which can only be found in the supply drop) is not in vain.

AWM is a very scary weapon in solo since you only need one shot to the head to kill the enemy.
Of course, this weapon is also scary in both the duo and the squad. Even though you can't use bolt-action, if you find AWM in the supply drop, just take it. At least ensure the weapon is not taken by enemies. Read More: 3 Errors in Playing PUBG Mobile Suspected of Being BOT


5 Weapons for Drop PUBG Mobile Supply! Which one suits you?

As a DMR type rifle that uses 7.62 bullets, Mk14 can be felt like an upgraded version of SKS. Especially since the bullets are launched MK14 iller also than SKS. Mk14 effective distance is still superior to SKS! Another thing that makes me amazed from Mk14 is the full-auto function of this rifle.

Mk14 can be set to launch automatic shots. (Of course, recoil Mk14 so it is wilder than if you shoot with single mode). Mk14 can also be a unique weapon: a full-auto weapon that can be given X8 scope because of its status as DMR. So, if you can be extended MAG AR/Sniper to handle the limitation of bullets (only 10 normally), MK14 can you make flexible weapons, which you don't need to mutually.  Died for close quarters and remained dangerous for long distances.


5 Weapons for Drop PUBG Mobile Supply! Which one suits you?

Groza is a simple weapon. The negative side of Groza is an even wildly recoil than AKM. The plus side? Power. Groza crushed power is really wacky. As long as you can control the rate of fire, armor and helmet level 3 is not a problem. A series of Groza can tear enemies very quickly. Give Groza to your squad members whose job is to fight at close range! Uniquely, Groza is an assault rifle that cannot be equipped with a hider or compensator flash. This gun muzzle can only be equipped with a compressor. Read More: How to Download, Install, and Complete Specifications


5 Weapons for Drop PUBG Mobile Supply! Which one suits you?

AUG's main attraction is stability. Want to shoot at close range, and long distance enemies, AUG feels very stable with minimal recoil. In terms of power, AUG may not be as cruel as Groza. But with this stability, novice players can be dangerous when already holding an AUG! You could say, AUG is a type of PUBG Mobile supply drop weapon that does not have prominent features such as AWM distance and horror damage, Groza's mighty short range damage, M249 large bullet ammunition, and DMR-assault rifle MK14 flexibility. Nevertheless, the stability of AUG makes this weapon usable for any kind of battle.AUG does not even have any bullet flaws and recoil of Mk14!


You love DP28? Well, then you will definitely love the M249. These two are equally machine guns, but the M249 is equipped with 100 bullets! Players can use the M249 to kill four members of the enemy squad without needing to reload. If you're using the M249, there's an enemy that happens to stand nearby? They can easily be slaughtered by this weapon's continuous shot! Like DP28 too, the M249 is nice to use for suppressing a fire, firing at the enemy's position so that the enemy can not recklessly attack your friends. The weakness of this weapon? Yes same as DP, reload M249 is slow.  So as much as possible avoid you have to reload when the enemy is already around you. Those are the five current PUBG Mobile supply guns. Read More: How To Change Name in PUBG

Based on its strengths and advantages, I feel:
  • AWM is definitely suitable for a sniper, long-distance shooter.
  • Mk14 is a very flexible weapon. The weapon is suitable for the marksman type, which usually eyeing mid-range battles.
  • AUG can be used by anyone.
  • Groza and M249 with its frightsome power are suited to the Breacher's use, the frontline invaders.
What do you think? What weapons are suitable for you?

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