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Game for Kids - 6 Fun Games to Play With Your Kids - Holidays are usually the right time for parents to establish intimacy with children. Besides traveling outside the city or visiting a playground, relaxing at home can be transformed into a quality moment. However, what if the children always seem to be busy playing games on their own cellphones? If children enjoy playing on mobile phones, one of the things parents can do is come to play with them. By playing together, parents can build healthy interactions in a relaxed atmosphere.

1. Duolingo
Game for Kids - 6 Fun Games to Play With Your Kids
Children have fast absorption to learn foreign languages. If taking a foreign language course sounds boring, what if you take the child to play while learning a foreign language that he likes? Parents can explore what cartoon characters the child likes, and where the cartoon character comes from. Invite children to search for the language used by their favorite cartoon characters through the Duolingo application. Then, play together. Because it is designed as a game, children can learn a foreign language of their choice while looking at pictures, listening to sounds/pronunciation, collecting points, also competing against time. Not only children, but parents can also learn foreign languages on holidays, with an exciting approach.  
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2. ChoreMonster

Game for Kids - 6 Fun Games to Play With Your Kids

At present, it is common for children to get used to the presence of household assistants. Tidying up toys or washing new used utensils is a task that children no longer work on themselves. Holidays can be the right time to train children to live independently by learning to clean up and do household chores. In addition to training them to be more independent, children can also learn about hygiene and neatness, and involve them in physical activity. The ChoreMonster game transforms tasks into a fun experience. Every time a child performs household chores, such as clearing a bed, getting rid of used dishes, or putting toys into place, the child will get points. They can exchange these points for gifts that parents have chosen. Of course, big points can be exchanged for bigger prizes. This prize can be in the form of extra time playing games, getting extra pocket money, being allowed to eat ice cream, being allowed to play outside the house with friends, invited to visit a playground, and so on. Children need to know that they must be involved in helping housework if they want to enjoy playing time or having fun. This will also make him accustomed to regular life and discipline. Parents will also get fun when trying to find any gifts given to appreciate the hard work of children.

3. Lumosity

Game for Kids - 6 Fun Games to Play With Your Kids
Lumosity uses the principles of play to train the brain: from memory, problem-solving, to thinking ability. Designed by researchers and neurologists, parents and children can play and compete to sharpen their brains while spending quality time together! There are more than 50 cognitive games available to play with children on holidays. If we always take the time to maintain fitness and body health, playing Lumosity gives us the opportunity to maintain brain fitness.

4. Meaningfulmama 

Game for Kids - 6 Fun Games to Play With Your Kids

Camping is an exciting children's game, but if the weather is hot or the child is sick, it's almost impossible, right? Provide a tent for your child, and arrange the sleeping room to be a fun camping area. If there are no tents, sheets, blankets or tablecloths can also be transformed into simple tents. Fun children's games don't have to be expensive, right?

5. Inner Child Fun
Game for Kids - 6 Fun Games to Play With Your Kids

This kid's game uses blocks that can help power creativity, dexterity and train children to know physics when composing blocks. There are no wooden blocks? Then the foam beam was made. Just
make it from foam or a colorful sponge.

6. Cody and Chelsea Groves 

This kid's game is quite simple. Place a few small items such as buttons, hair clips, ribbons, paper clips into a plastic bottle, then add the rice, and shake until mixed. The child acts as a treasure seeker in the bottle, without opening the bottle. They can shuffle the bottles to find the treasures contained in the bottle and match the data of the assets sought.

So, what if on holidays parents spend more time playing games with children? Of course, not only children who will be happy because they can enjoy quality time with their parents, we will be happy because these games are also fun even for adults.
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