9 Ways To Make a Computer Faster

Shortcutgame.com-Does your computer feel slower, buzzing and roaring as if trying to compete with you? Before you spend millions or even tens of millions of dollars to buy a new computer, maybe you should do a few simple steps below so that your Windows or Mac computer can run faster. Computers at this time might be said to be a primary need, especially for students and office workers. When using computers there are also people who complain why my computer is slow and not like when I first bought it, they are not aware that they are slowing down the computer.
Make a Computer Faster
In this article, I will discuss 9 ways to make computers faster. Actually, there are many ways that we can use to make computers faster, but only 9 of which I have proven myself and the ends of the computer have become faster, let's look at the following.

1. Uninstall Unwanted Programs

You might think that what program you are currently installing with the speed of your computer. If you think that the software installed and other things do not affect your speed and performance, the time has come to change your thinking.
Some installed software runs behind the scenes and uses a number of RAM, CPU memory and also captures without your knowledge and if your device has a lot of software like this, then using all small software collectively makes large amounts of space you can also check it out in the Task manager, uninstall it from your device with the Program feature and the files on the control panel will make your PC or laptop run faster.

2. Install Antivirus.

Make a Computer Faster
Antivirus also plays an important role in the speed of your PC or laptop. Anti-virus protects our device from many unwanted files and dangerous viruses. Every time we download, install or copy anything from USB or CDS it is possible to get infected. So, to protect the devices needed to choose single and complete Anti-viruses that provide the best shield protection. So if you haven't installed the best anti-virus right now and you want to download it, then check the list of all the best antiviruses.

3. Disk Defragmentation.

Make a Computer Faster

Fragmentation is the hard drive sector or other storage devices that are not filled or hidden from use only because of several files and storage sizes. Every time we store a large number of files on any drive and after deletion, some memory is not available for use. So we use a Defragmentation tool to restore it. So if you want to use this tool, please follow the method below.
  • Open My Computer > Right-click on any drive > Properties > Tools > Then select Defragment now.
  • Then one by one Analyze all drives by defragmenting as above. This process can take a lot of time.
4. Disk Cleanup And Delete Temporary Files.

Make a Computer Faster
This is another inbuilt Windows device such as DeFragmentation, which removes all unwanted and unnecessary temporary hidden files that are not used. This will also delete the recycle bin file automatically. So to use this feature follow these steps.
  • Please click Start > My Computer> Right-click on any local drive > General > Disk cleanup
  • Now delete all files if registered or closed. Follow the same method for all drives.
  • Click the "Start" button > Then type search "Run" > In the run type box.
  • Then type "temp" in the run box and press enter and delete all deleted files now all temporary files will be deleted.
5. PC Cleaner dan Registry Error

As our windows get older, some windows files or registry files are damaged. So we need to improve with offline tools. A lot of software is available on the web for PC cleaners and for fixing registry errors. Almost all the best tools and workers are paid for. So if you don't want to lose your windows access, you need to buy the best for one payment with it will fix the error. Free tools can only find errors but cannot fix them. So if you want, we recommend that you use a PC cleaner and registry error fixing tool.

6. Improve Paging Memory

You might be thinking about why we added this method. But don't worry, we won't tell you to buy a new one or upgrade your current Ram so don't worry. We will only discuss useful and useful factors and methods at no cost. Ram plays an important role and computer performance in its speed. It also helps increase your device's RAM with USB for a temporary basis. We have discussed two different ways that must be examined and also tried.

7. Control the Application in the Background

If you are lucky, using Windows 10 you can control applications that run in the background. To control the application in the background, follow the procedure provided.
  • Press the Windows key + I button to launch the Settings application and go to the Privacy> Background apps
8. Check the Latest Updates

Always use the latest version of the software, drivers and other applications just because there are too many bugs fixed by the developer. So always install the drivers and software that are suitable and best for your device.

9. Stop Unwanted Programs.

Whenever you start or restart your device, a lot of software running on their interface requires some memory that can slow down your device. So there is unwanted software that you never use regularly. So it's better to stop it manually. To deactivate it, just follow these steps:
  • Click the Start button > Then search for "Run" > Then type "msconfig".
  • Then in the system configuration window will appear and then go to the "Startup" tab.
  • Now uncheck all software applications that you don't need or want to run every time you turn on this device will reduce the burden and make the performance better.
In conclusion, we feel you might find the following tips to make your PC or laptop run faster for better performance. Try all and also share your ideas if you have a better way in the comments below.

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