Officially, Call of Duty 2019 titled Modern Warfare | Crueler than the mission No Russian MW2!

Shortcutgame - Activision officially announces Modern Warfare to be his series this year.
After being leaked by some parties including the investigative journalist Kotaku, Jason Schreieryang positively confirmed that this year's Call of Duty series will be titled Modern Warfare. Activision was finally officially practiced the rumors.

Officially, Call of Duty 2019 titled Modern Warfare | Crueler than the mission "No Russian" MW2!

In his World Premium event, Activision officially announced that Call of Duty Modern Warfare would be the official series that filled the year 2019. As you can see for yourself on top, this game is a soft reboot or a rebranding of the series, returning almost all Modern Warfare content including the characters Captain Price and classic weapons such as FAMAS and AK-47.

The series that once took the name of Infinity Ward and became one of the most expensive games ever created is now re-created with a new concept by the original developer. With a more modern visual and mechanical look, fans hope that Modern Warfare will restore the main image of Call of Duty as a first person shooter game with an interesting story.

Of course, it will be very interesting to see what they will present in the rebooting series that will be More fun and cruel than the "No Russian" mission MW2

With the announcement of Call of Duty Modern Warfare which will release this year complete with the latest engine that Infinity Ward will use alongside other Activision studios such as Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software. It seems that there is one thing that will make it problematic after its release. That is, the visual appearance and blood effects are more realistic, even from the "No Russian" killing mission in Modern Warfare 2.

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This was thanks to a very sophisticated and terrible new engine as it reported Charlie Intel during his visit to the Infinity Ward headquarters before the game was announced. This time it emphasizes the brutality and realism of the single-player campaign missions.

Your emotions and your peace will be played in the Play singles. There is even a mission in which you will witness with the eyes of your own head where civilians are killed. According to a report of Charlie Intel who witnessed it himself, this series is a series in which rating M or Mature is very suitable to be implemented in this game. They even considered that the game could have been forbidden to circulate in certain regions of the same country as Modern Warfare 2 thanks to its "No Russian" killing mission. Make it a controversial candidate that will trigger the debate thanks to a more sadistic mission and appearance than the Modern Warfare 2 series.

Infinity Ward itself says that they want the player to feel what's happening in the game, connect it to the real situation, and understand the motivation of the characters to fight. They even collaborated with the United States elite forces, the Navy SEALS to replicating how the real army moves and how they react on a mission.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be released on PC (via Battlenet), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 25, 2019, later. You can follow the news to keep updates.

Written by: ANGGI P