Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4: Right Target - Calling it crazy is not excessive. From a game that managed to steal the world's attention because of its ability to present stories with memorable characters and so many dramatic moments in campaign mode, it became a game that is now only "just" selling multiplayer mode.  But on the other hand, this is what gamers seem to want. Claimed based on the data they collected, this extreme step is what Treyarch and Activision did with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 which was released to the market a few weeks ago. And as far as we tasted it, surprisingly, this one extreme step turned out to pay off sweetly.

Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4

Those of you who had the chance to read our previews seemed to have a little idea what Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has to offer. In a short time, we have actually tried three separate modes that he made as a mainstay: conventional multiplayer mode which is now also supported by several new game formats, charming "Blackout" battle-royale mode, and finally a zombie mode that is used as an alternative for you who want a more cooperative sensation.  We finally have to admit, that the multiplayer experience offered turned out to be a strong impression. The result? Compared to other Call of Duty series, we did spend the most time with Black Ops 4.

So, what does he actually offer? Why do we call it a game that is right on target? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

Classic But Futuristic

Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4
The concept of specialists who each carry special abilities in combat is not something new in the game industry and even Call of Duty itself. FPS games with typical hero concepts like this are popular in games like Overwatch and the like. While for Call of Duty, they have applied it since the Black Ops 3 era and managed to get a pretty positive reaction for him. The best way to explain the sensation of battle in Black Ops 4 does indeed refer to the Black Ops 3 sensation.  It's just that, there are some significant changes that change the sensation of fighting that exists. The significant change slid through the decision to discard the "futuristic" sensation of the movement of existing characters.

We certainly don't talk about the whole theme of future wars that affect the types of weapons and equipment that you can use, but rather the movement maneuvers that ultimately also affect the design level itself. In Black Ops 3, Treyarch puts on movements such as wall-running and double jumps for faster maneuvering movements. On Black Ops 4, they discarded both of these and offered a more classic Call of Duty sensation. Where things you can do are just running, jumping, and sliding for faster movements. Combining the concept of futuristic warfare and classic sensations like this indeed makes the Black Ops 4 feel more like a multiplayer old Call of Duty series than the futuristic series that was hated from the last few series.

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 With a concept like this, the endless Black Ops 4 becomes a "hero" shooter series that is too thick. You, for example, will not meet full-support characters with the ability to do healing or revive who usually stands behind a fighting team. Every hero is still designed as an offensive force that is worthy of fear and can act individually. The good news? The classic sensation of the multiplayer Call of Duty is maintained here. Bad news? As can be predicted, the level of teamwork to achieve certain objectives will not be as intense as you might think.

Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4

There is no division of roles, there is no need to continue moving together, there is no need to choose specific characters to support the selection of other characters.  Specialists appear as refreshers of the multiplayer Call of Duty formula, but don't push it in a new direction.

But that does not mean Activision and Treyarch are not trying to make the sensation of this collaboration thicker.  One of the positive changes they offer is to get rid of K / D status from information that you can access. The game system is now replaced by a point system where your contribution is no longer based on how many people you have killed but is objective. If you play Team Deathmatch mode, for example, your point is now also based on the amount of damage you managed to throw at the enemy even though you might end up not killing him. In essence, the slightest thing that you do now will be in the end, producing its own point. But unfortunately, for weapons access systems that can contribute significantly in battles such as the Hellstrom Missile or UAV Counter, for example, based on the number of sequences you kill instead of points like this. So with a combination like this, the rest of the things that Treyarch must fight for is ensuring that conventional multiplayer in Black Ops 4 is also supported by a variety of new modes that make it look refreshing. In addition to Team Deathmatch which seems to always be a "life" for gamers who are looking for a battle that is fast, exciting, and fun, there are several other modes that offer a more appropriate or new sensation of playing. Modes like "Control" that require you to control and control certain areas will make the Specialist mechanism shine much more, considering that some characters like Torque and Recon have skills that can be designed to survive.

You will also meet with new modes such as "Heist" where the money system is a CS: GO style where you can use it to buy weapons or percents in every round without a respawn system offered. For matters of variety, you don't need to worry.

BlackOut - The Primadonna

Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4

Of all the modes offered by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Blackout is, of course, the main prima donna. The battle-royale mode that will ask you to survive against 88-100 users in the same space is indeed not a new concept and even arguably, is a warm trend in the gaming industry after what the PUBG and Fornite achieved: Battle Royale itself. Regardless of the status, Blackout still ends up charming.

First reason? Because Treyarch managed to make it appear as an accumulation of all the fun things that they had offered from the Black Ops series so far. From the overall map design to the weapons that you can use. Magically, they managed to make various weapons and buildings from various eras that felt like a naturally integrated unit. That despite the fact that some weapons appear classic and others are futuristic, it presents a unique sensation of improvement but on the other hand, it remains just as deadly. There is no doubt there.

Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4

 Second is the map design that we talked about before. Integrating several maps and locations from past Black Ops multiplayer maps and then assembling them into one large map has become a plus. But the approach to concocting more structures that are more vertically massive such as tall buildings and lighthouses, for example, adds extra charm in gameplay. With a building design like this that can be visited by several players at the same time but different floors, the tension that arises when you try to survive and check who the threats around you are becomes much more intense. The fact that the fight and maneuvering strategies of movement now can also be done up or down makes the position where you land for example now feels more important.

Gamers who are in the top location of the lighthouse, for example, certainly have a wider and more favorable perspective than gamers who move from the bottom up. Coupled with the fantastic sound design, location design like this makes all your movements a step so tense. Hearing the footsteps that appear from a vertical structure, either from above or below, will immediately make your adrenaline rush and alert. This does not mean that the same sound design does not create a similar effect on the horizontal, but there is something special when the battle occurs in a structure like this. Make you now try to find an angle approximately where they will go up and down, followed by anticipation to catch them.  Such a structure also comes with a cool atmosphere.

One of our favorites? The nuclear experiment bunker at Nuclear Town contains so many mannequins in everyday life simulation engineering. The design of the environment, sound, and the overall atmosphere in the place deserve a thumbs up.

Third? That he did not necessarily just copy what the Battle Royale games had offered so far, but also injected his own uniqueness. Apart from the vehicle variants that you can control including helicopters in them, several important map points are now also invaded by zombies with supernatural abilities that are difficult to explain. Looks like a pillar of light in the distance, every zombie you kill will drop something, from weapons, bullets, to medical items from various levels of scarcity. If all zombies are successfully "cleaned", then there is a large chest that is open and contains more essential equipment that is essential like the Lv Armor. 3 for example, which is difficult to obtain.

Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4

The fourth reason and the strongest reason in our eyes is the fact that this battle-royale game carries the name Call of Duty and all the qualities that have been strongly associated with it all along.  A AAA action game with a large and well-known budget through gameplay consistency in all series regardless of its release on the console or PC version. We, you, and maybe many gamers don't like certain COD series because the theme or story doesn't feel strong. But in the end, we usually still recognize how comfortable, exciting, and cool every battle is through a variety of animated movements and sensations using a variety of different weapons.  The quality is then applied to the battle-royale game that has been known to often enter through the Early Access line and still ends up feeling rough, not optimal, and inconsistent. The quality of Call of Duty now goes into the battle-royale mode.

So what you find is the sensation of playing Call of Duty that you have known, through movement, comfort, quality consistency, and animation that feels so familiar, wrapped in battle mode 100 exciting people. Cool again? They also continue to inject a number of things from conventional multiplayer mode into Blackout as part of a balanced game. Perk, for example, is now positioned as an item that you can activate at any time to grab buff in a certain time limit. You also have the opportunity to use the character models of the Specialists by completing rare quests that you can find in boxes and the like to open them.  These surprising quests are an interesting addition when you try Blackout.

A design like this is certainly better than just buying them with in-game money or just real money. With a fantastic combination between Battle-Royale mode that has its own identity and uniqueness, cool level design, and super comfortable and consistent gameplay Call of Duty, Blackout ends so an additional mode that is addictive and charming at the same time. There are comfort and quality of an AAA game that we have longed for will be present in this genre, instead of continuing to deal with semi-finished products that have been developed for years and still not optimized for unclear reasons. At least for those of you who like serious themes, there are now qualified alternatives that are worthy of being pursued.

Zombie for Co-Op

Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4

Before we go deeper to discuss this zombie mode, we must admit that even in previous COD series, especially the Black Ops, it has never been a multiplayer mode that we can "enjoy". Fighting wave after wave against this undead feels like a repetitive game that isn't tempting at all. Through Black Ops 4, considering that it is one of the main features that is driven as an attraction, we took the time to try it. The result? Quite interesting and surprising. One thing we never realized was the fact that Zombie mode in Black Ops had their own "universe".

This means that not only fighting zombies and trying to survive, but Treyarch also turns out to build a world base and continuous stories in it. Since we have never been interested in following the zombie mode before, explaining it is certainly beyond our control. But those of you who are interested in understanding it can always rely on a variety of analytical videos on Youtube, one of which we have seen, also discussing the timeline. Basically, the Zombie mode offered by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is also not much different.

Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4

Divided into two different scenarios, where you can choose to survive on a giant ship or in a super creepy coliseum, it is still positioned as a super exciting cooperative game. Killing zombies will reward you with points that can then be diverted to buy stronger weapons, fill in weapons that you already have, or open doors that can end up being just short cuts or new areas.  Given that opening, an area like this is not cheap, cooperation between characters to determine who will "sacrifice" to open the door like this is certainly important.  In addition to strengthening yourself with a weapon upgrade system, you can also prepare yourself with at least four skill-style concoctions that you can drink instantly to get buffs in a certain time limitation, such as making each zombie who attacks you die instantly and fire for example.

At certain times, your character can also access the ultimate powerful attack to kill zombies quickly or maybe, help your other friends. Slow but sure, with increasing levels of difficulty in each wave, tense and frightening feelings emerge from your increasingly vulnerable character.  Slow but sure, with increasing levels of difficulty in each wave, tense and frightening feelings emerge from your increasingly vulnerable character.  But it must be admitted, too, after trying it out, what the Black Ops 4 offered was still not strong enough to make us end up spending time with it. Most of our time is still spent with conventional multiplayer modes and Blackout.

Microtransactions, Should You Worry?

Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4

So with the concept of "just multiplayer" that he stretched out and reflected on what had been achieved by many games based on battle royals all this time, it seemed like nothing more surprising if Activision and Treyarch tried to find "extra money" by injecting microtransactions into it. There is good news and bad news if we talk about this concept in Black Ops 4. The good news? As they had discussed and promised before, microtransactions only apply to cosmetic items. All items related to your performance in the gameplay can only be achieved and obtained by playing the Black Ops 4 itself, including weapon progress and various modifications that you can get. All items that you can get with real money are all related to just the appearance, from character models, face paint, spray, emote, and the like. For this matter, you don't need to be afraid.

Bad news? If you are a gamer who always wants to achieve and get everything, despite the fact that it is just a cosmetic item, then you might meet a situation that you don't want.  One of the concepts of Black Ops 4's cosmetic item progress is referred to as "Black Market" which seems to be a system level and experience points that will give you something every time you reach an existing level. Black Market has around 200 levels to get the best weapon cosmetic items. To get this level 200, it is designed to really take up your time. Spending a long time is not necessarily sure that you will be able to open all layers of the Black Market.

One of the advantages of a system like this, if you are not a gamer trying to get everything, is an indirect confirmation that Black Ops 4 will continue to get support for at least the next year. It would be a foolish step for Activision and Treyarch not to ensure the "Games as Service" service based on multiplayer games like this to get content support for various themes during this one period. This means your "investment" with Black Ops 4, especially with the addition of the Blackout mode itself you will continue to enjoy if you start to lack the budget to enjoy the latest cool games for example. There is a strong impression that this support will continue.

Without Campaign Mode

Call of Duty Review - Black Ops 4

So as we talked about before, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 does not carry a single-player campaign mode at all. This means there is no more story mode where you act as one or several characters with extraordinary military abilities. This means there is no continuation of the story from the sci-fi atmosphere that has been super thick in Black Ops 3. But that does not mean, it does not contain the basis of the story in it. Treyarch did something similar to what Ubisoft did with Rainbow Six: Siege. There is a base cut-scene that explains what happened and the motivation that drives the conflict that appears in Black Ops 4.

But it is not told in something interactive, but rather a separate piece of film that is passive. Still in touch with the family "Mason" which now ends up recruiting 10 of the best elite forces in the world to fight a mysterious threat.  Given that Black Ops 4 takes place in 2043, while Black Ops 3 is in 2065, this series is actually a series of a prequel.

These stories are cast via a mode called "Specialist HQ", which like Rainbow Six: Siege, is actually designed as a tutorial mode to explain the roles, functions, and how each skill of this Specialist works. Through it, you will also be presented with a piece of video that explains who this Specialist really is and the background of the story they are carrying out. Like the habit of Call of Duty in the past, some of them will end up as dramatic as you can imagine, the quality you miss. Although unfortunately, everything is now no longer interactive.


Relief is the word we will choose to explain the experience we feel with Black Ops 4. IN the beginning, when the confirmation that he was no longer carrying campaign mode surfaced, there was a strong pessimism that this latest series would succeed in appearing tempting and interesting. But who would have thought that of all the Call of Duty series that had been released to the market, we ended up spending the most time with Black Ops 4? The Specialist system in conventional multiplayer mode successfully offers something that feels refreshing on a system that is so familiar. Blackout also ends up being a battle-royale game that has long been dreamed of, a game that has minimal technical problems and indeed feels like an AAA game. Everything is also wrapped with a microtransactions system that only focuses on cosmetics.

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