Fortnite Search ONFIRE Letters | Locations in Downtown Drop

Shortcutgame - The Downtown Drop event is presently going on in Fortnite and it’s giving players new challenges each and every day. two One of the ultimate challenges to be put forth to players is to locate a series a letter that spells On Fire. two Doing so will earn you an Epic Cuddle Back Board.

Fortnite Search ONFIRE Letters | Locations in Downtown Drop

The letters are found in unique spots on the map. So long as you go to every location as soon as you’ll accumulate all the letters. two For example, if you visit the first spot in this list you’ll see that it suggests the letter O. However if you bypass our first letter spot and go on to the next one, the subsequent one will be O as well. They will go in order of O-N-F-I-R-E, regardless of the vicinity you select them up at.

Fortnite ONFIRE Letter Location  1

The First ONFIRE Letter Location is observed at the end of the first straight path. Just past the basketball court, you’ll discover your first letter tucked away in the corner. two Just make certain that you slow down and go left rather of right when you get to the first turn.

Fortnite ONFIRE Letter Location  2

The 2nd ONFIRE letter can be determined by dropping down into an underground location on the 2nd straightaway. two This region will have a staircase that leads underground and as quickly as you get to the bottom of the stairs you’ll see a turnstile. The subsequent letter is right in front of this turnstile.

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Fortnite ONFIRE Letter  Location 3

At the quiet of the second straightaway, you’ll discover the Food Trucks. You would possibly remember these too due to the fact of a previous challenge. Either way, they are on the left facet of the quiet of the 2nd straight. two Make positive you veer over to them as the 1/3 letter is going to be off in the nook near the Durr Burger truck.

Fortnite ONFIRE Letter Location 4

On the 0.33 straight away you’re going to have two selections when you get to the give up of it. If you head straight you’ll go into the sewer, if you go proper you’ll go down some other straight avenue that will take you to the elevator for every other lap. two You’re going to want to do neither of these when you get to the quiet of straight #3. two Instead, when you see the large semi-truck you’re going to choose to get on the left-hand aspect of it to scoop up the fourth letter.

Fortnite ONFIRE Letter  Location 5

Once you’re on the last straightaway before the elevator that takes you lower back to the pinnacle you’re going to see a massive purple crane. two, In this case, that crane skill stop. two Slow down to gather letter #5 as it is on the proper side and in front of the big purple crane truck.

Fortnite ONFIRE Letter Location  6

The last letter might be the hardest one to get, if simply because if you go to a way it’s sincerely hard to get again to it.  As you’re going up the elevator to begin any other lap on Downtown Drop gradual down!  The final letter is right subsequent to the purple car right subsequent to the place you exit the elevator. If you hit the ramps and begin sliding returned down the course, you’ll in all likelihood need to make the entire lap before you can get every other shot at picking up the final letter to complete the O-N-F-I-R-E Challenge in Downtown Drop LTM in Fortnite.

Written by:  Anggi P