How To Change The Color Of 1000 Tiles

Shortcutgame - Here’s how to change the color of 1000 tiles in the Downtown Drop LTM. The Fortnite X Michael Jordan Jumpman collaboration is underway with the Fortnite Item Shop Hang Time Skin set that includes the Grind and Clutch Fortnite skins.

How To Change The Color Of 1000 Tiles

A Downtown Drop LTM is also available along with a number of challenges, two of which have been unlocked today. One of the challenges requires players to dance or emote between two food trucks and we’ve covered how to complete that challenge here. The other Downtown Drop challenge that was unlocked requires players to change the color of 1000 tiles. This seems pretty straightforward, however, we’ve already been messaged a handful of time on writing something up on how to complete this challenge.

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How To Change The Color Of 1000 Tiles

In order to complete this challenge, players need to go into Fortnite Creative or be in the Fortnite Downtown LTM. From there, players can enter a code or look for a map/island that has color changing blocks within the creative map.

Players then simply need to walk over the tiles, which will make them change color. It’s better to have a friend with you in a creative server so you can run on these color changing blocks over and over again until you complete the challenge.

YouTuber InTheLittleWood has created and provided a creative map where players can complete the challenges quickly. Here’s a link to the creative island.

If you’re playing the Downtown LTM, the challenge is as easy as running over the blocks you’ll see on the ground which will then change color. You can see the tiles changing as you run over them as seen in our YouTube guide for the other Downtown Drop challenge:

The fastest way to complete the challenge is probably to go into a creative server with a friend, or making your own server, and going over the color blocks until you complete the challenge.
It’s a pretty boring challenge, but it’ll be quick to complete in your own creative server.