How To Change Name in PUBG

Shortcutgame - PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is now one of the favorite games for some mobile device users in the world, and specifically also in Indonesia.
Thanks to the challenging gameplay battle royals, the games developed and published separately from their computer games became a game with a number of players that reached 200 million as of December 18, 2018
How to change name in pubg

But of course, the numbers that are not small are not only influenced by gameplay but also due to various other aspects, such as the flexibility to customize characters, from the face to the clothes used. Interestingly, in addition to players being able to change the appearance of characters at will, players can also change the nickname or nickname they use in a game that pits 100 people in one match.
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How to Change the Name on PUBG Mobile:
  1. Previously, in order to be able to change a nickname, the player must have an item called Rename Card.
  2. This item is symbolized as a card with ID printed on it.
  3. This item can be easily obtained through the Shop, especially in the Treasures section
  4. In this case, the player must spend a real amount of money because they have to buy it with 180 Unknown Cash (UC) unless the UC can already be exchanged using Battle Coin (BC).
  5. After obtaining the Rename Card item, the player can use the item to change the nickname.
  6. The trick, players can open the Inventory from the game lobby page, and enter the bottom (treasure box).
  7. From that section, then tap on the Rename Card item and select the Use button that appears in the new box next to the main box.
  8. Next, the user can enter a new nickname in the pop-up Change Nickname that appears, and click OK.
  9. If a dialog box appears that reminds you to change the nickname to a new nickname, confirm with the OK button again.
And if successful, the nickname will change automatically.
But if it fails, players can see the cause first. Usually, this failure is caused by the nickname that will be used by someone else. And because the Rename Card item will not be used if the nickname change fails, the player can repeat the steps to change the nickname from the beginning, but by using a different nickname.