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How to download Call of Duty Mobile on Android and iPhone

Shortcutgame - Some time ago, Activision announced a collaboration with Chinese publisher game Tencent to release Call of Duty Mobile on iOS and Android. However, until now users still can't download Call of Duty Mobile on his smartphone.

How to download Call of Duty Mobile on Android and iPhone

The cause, Activision will still hold several beta sessions on Android in the next few months before launching this game officially. However, Activision has already provided pre-register in the Google Play Store for some countries, so users can install the game directly when it is released later.Tencent has now transformed into the number one mobile game publisher thanks to its gaming PU Mobile game. Some time ahead, Tencent's name is predicted to return bounced as they will release another phenomenal game: Call of Duty Mobile.

For now, Call of Duty Mobile has already released its beta version in China and India. Unfortunately, it has not been announced when this game will be released in full for global. Tencent currently opens a new pre-register or registration stage only. But if you're curious to try, we'll share how easy it is to download.

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First of all, you have to download the game first. It's not on the Google Play Store or Pure APK, it's directly from the TapTap site. You can choose the "Try" menu to download and install the TapTap app.

When you're done, run the TapTap app, reselect the "try" and "continue to install" menus to start the Call of Duty Mobile installation process. Make sure you download using WiFi network because a huge game size reaches 3 GB! Once the game is installed, the next step is to download a VPN application (such as Kiwi, Hola, or another) that provides Indian servers. Open the application and select the Indian server. This is because Call of Duty Mobile is currently only accessible via India's IP address.

Now you can play the Call of Duty Mobile game right away using your Facebook account. If there is a network error in play, it means your VPN app hasn't worked optimally so you need to replace another VPN app. Or it could be because the number of players is over the limit so you can try again sometime later.

The most effective method to download Call of Duty Mobile at hand Portable on Android

In the event that you are in one of the nations where Obligation at hand Portable is as of now accessible, explore to the official Honorable obligation Versatile page in the Google Play Store. Press the catch "Pre-register" and not long from that point forward, you will be told when you can download the game.

For the individuals who are not in the nation where Honorable obligation Versatile is accessible, you can at present pursue the procedure above however you will have another hold up in your grasp. Tragically, nobody can download the game without pre-enrolling in light of the fact that it's in a shut beta variant.

The most effective method to download Call of Duty Mobile at hand Portable on iPhone 

In case you're on one of the groups of iOS gadgets, I'm apprehensive Obligation at hand Portable isn't accessible to you as of now. The current shut Beta Android is selective, however when the full game dispatches, it will come to iPhone and iPad. There is no real way to pre-register as you can on Android either, so keep your eyes stripped on the page news when it ends up accessible.
When we get the news that Honorable obligation Versatile is accessible on iOS, we'll update this guide.
Android may have won the fight, however not war!

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