Nintendo Announces Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, When Is The Release?

Shortcutgame - Good news for fans and players of Pokemon games. Since Nintendo announced the game Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Many Nintendo Switch gamers were disappointed that after the teaser had been driving some time ago, they actually got a version of "Let's Go" which took the Pokemon GO mechanic as a base. In fact, Nintendo has briefly talked about the RPG series should eventually make use of the Nintendo Switch performance which is, of course, more powerful than Nintendo 3DS. There's a great expectation that this full RPG game will not only come with better visualizations but also supported with more capable features. After becoming a mystery, Nintendo finally officially announced the title of the Pokemon RPG game.

Nintendo Announces Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, When Is The Release?

Through the Nintendo Direct event that was specifically held to announce it, Nintendo officially introduced the Pokemon Sword and the Pokemon Shield for the Nintendo Switch. Making the visual cell-shading a base with a world of looks so vast, this eighth-generation Pokemon will contain three new main Pokemon as starters – Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. You'll now be adventurous in the new region called Galar and will certainly be busy with all the typical Pokémon activities. Game Freak and Nintendo ensured that at the time of the release, the Pokemon Sword and the Pokemon Shield will be available globally!

The Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games will be presented to the Nintendo Switch console. What is this new Pokemon game like? Nintendo Switch players themselves have been looking forward to the original Pokemon games for this game console. Because earlier Pokemon games are more present to the Nintendo 3DS.

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To introduce this Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield game, have released a new video trailer. In this video reveals a little about the game. Just like previous Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield still carry the RPG genre that tells the story of a Pokemon trainer.

In this game, presenting three new Pokémon as a starter. The three include Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. This time, the Pokemon trainer will go on an adventure in a new region called Galar. This is definitely a lot of Pokemon activity in this new location.

When Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be released to Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Direct event is not explained when the exact date. But Nintendo promises that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are present at the end of this 2019 year. Can't wait for his presence?

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