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Pokemon Go Plus Prices And Functions

Shortcutgame - Pokemon Go Game has a wearable device called Pokemon Go Plus. The function of Pokemon Go Plus is to help us play Pokemon Go games without having to look at the smartphone screen. This wearable device notifies its users through vibration and LED notifications if it finds the closest Pokemon. Pokemon Go Plus uses the latest Bluetooth technology in the claim to consume only a small amount of power from the battery.

Pokemon Go Plus Prices And Functions

To capture Pokemon using Pokemon Go Plus, simply press the button on the device. Unfortunately, we can only use Poke Ball to capture Pokemon using this device (no option to change to the Great Ball or Ultra Ball). Pokemon Go Plus will vibrate and the LED light illuminates if it manages to capture the Pokemon.

In addition to informing the existence of the nearby Pokemon, the Pokemon Go Plus function is to tell if we are already close to PokeStop. The device vibrates and its LED light flashes to notify its users if it's near PokeStop. If using a smartphone we need to swipe the icon that is in PokeStop to collect items, if we use Pokemon Go Plus, we simply press the button that is on the device. Pokemon Go Plus will turn on and vibrate if we miss PokeStop.

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The Pokemon Go Plus function above is summarized from the official Pokemon Go page of the United States. Currently, Pokemon Go Plus has not yet circulated and is still in the pre-order process which has been sold out in a snap. The price of Pokemon Go Plus is $35.

If you look at the Pokemon Go Plus function above, it's obvious that it doesn't really add to the Pokemon Go game experience significantly. In fact, we just get the basic features only, can't change the ball type to catch Pokemon, etc. Perhaps these accessories are in focus to help the security of its users while playing Pokemon Go on the road.

It may be more interesting if later Pokemon Company creates a ball-shaped wearable device to capture Pokemon. So there will be a Poke Ball, a Great Ball or an Ultra Ball. Will add fun if we want to capture the Pokemon, we actually remove the ball in its original form and squeeze the button in the ball to capture a Pokemon.

There is no official news from Pokemon Company about when Pokemon Go Plus will be on the market and can be purchased in Indonesia. But if you are a Pokemon fan, this accessory is your must-have collection.

Written by: ANGGI P
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