12 Ways to Take Care of Gaming Laptops to Last and Not Heat Fast

Since the era of gaming laptops, ranging from Acer Ferrari, Toshiba Qosmio to appearing various computer replacement desktop, it is very important that users can take care of gaming laptops to last, not get damaged and ready to use at any time, and Extend over its uses. Gaming laptops to be durable and not fast heat
Recommended skilled technicians, tips on maintaining portable gaming computers. Applies to all brands and models of gaming laptops that are currently a lot in the market, in the era of e-Sport that is loved by millennials.

12 Ways to Take Care of Gaming Laptops to Last and Not Heat Fast

Starting from Acer Nitro, Acer Predator, Razer Blade, Gigabyte Aero, Asus TUF, Asus ROG (Republic Of Game), Dell Inspiron, Dell Alienware, Lenovo Legion, HP Envy, Gigabyte Aero and others. A gaming laptop's kitchen is always armed with powerful devices, one of which is a graphical video using NVIDIA GeForce to showcase millions of high-resolution colors. These graphics cards are very extravagant electric and tend to be fast heat.

Gaming laptops are designed to run heavy applications by relying on high-resolution images up to 3D. This type of computer is also appropriate for video editing work as well as for drawing the work of architects who need good performance while rendering. Here's how to take care of gaming laptops to keep laptop performance up to speed:

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  1. Keep the computer physically clean, ranging from covers, LCD screens, keyboards and palm rest as well as trackpads. No need to clean it with chemical substances. With a similar soft cloth, an eyeglass cleaner is excellent, to avoid the beret. Use a brush, to clean the keyboard, and attempt the position of the laptop upside down when doing so, so that the dust does not go into the panel. Dust rising from the dirt around is the main enemy of all types of notebooks. Not just gaming laptops, including Ultrabook, Chromebooks, and Macbooks
  2. Play in a clean place, tables are not dusty, get rid of cigarette ashtrays. Make sure the air circulation works well. The ventilation fan is not closed.
  3. Do not use the laptop on a pillow, the computer will be fast hot and the small fan that is in it will work extra, if overwhelmed, can get stuck, the computer hangs.
  4. When comfortable enough, put the notebook on the cooling fan will minimize the laptop from excessive heat (overheated)
  5. Always upgrading the OS, typically Microsoft Windows for PC computers is different from Apple's unconventional Mac OS called gaming laptops. Do auto-update it at its best.
  6. Always upgrade anti-virus program, anti-malware used automatically and install only one, whether it is Norton Anti-Virus, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Avast, Kaspersky
  7. Update the drivers, tools required, that become the default laptops like the NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Gaming Evolved utility.
  8. Do not install HDD with unnecessary programs and utility, including anti-virus programs, just install one.
  9. Maximize RAM to the maximum limit, and make sure 100% compatible with the laptop motherboard.
  10. If it is comfortable enough, when playing on the table, use a good external keyboard and a quality joystick. In addition to keeping the internal keyboard durable, sometimes when the laptop will be sold to higher specs as technology developments, the selling price remains higher when compared to gaming laptops that have a cluttered keyboard, the letters On the Fade button.
  11. Turn off unused utility while playing games, for example, Bluetooth, WiFi if it does not have to be connected to the Internet, including external HDD. The goal is to give free space to the RAM and minimize the heat and not make the processor too busy is that is not needed.
  12. Monitor the temperature of the computer can use CPUID Hardware monitor application when overheating, rest. Especially when you are overnight playing games, due to lack of work. Do not break your laptop and your physique just to face the robot that does not make tired.
Have fun playing the game and enjoy the computer performance well, after understanding 12 ways to take care of the laptop games for the last and not fast heat. Keep your computer regularly, as well as your body and the time you use it, either.

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