5 Ways to Play Free Fire For Beginners, For Easy Booyah

Some time ago, games like PUBG or Player Unknown Battle Ground have been officially released on the Android Smartphone, this one game is long in wait – wait by gamers. Unlike other FPS, this one game you can do survival on an island and have to survive to get champion 1. To accomplish this, there are many ways that you can do as much more in this Free Fire game.

5 Ways to Play Free Fire For Beginners, For Easy Booyah

So you can win the game, you have to set a good and precise strategy. Like other survival games, this Free Fire game also has the same characteristic, but the difference between games that have a map and a game style is harder because it uses analog mode on our smartphones.

For those of you who do not know the game Free fire then Shortcutgame will explain a little about what is a Free fire game. Game Free Fire is an FPS game that must be adventurous or survival to be a champion among everyone who follows the game.

5 Tips to play Free Fire for Beginners

Let's go straight to how to play Free Fire on Android so you can get 1st rank in a match. Check out the tips I'll give you the following:

1. Choose a jumping spot

The first way you have to choose where to jump appropriately. Before jumping as you notice where the secured area will be restricted. Choose a distant jumping place, it aims to avoid other players. Besides, you also have to prepare ammunition at the beginning of the game and look for a few little to anticipate your blood in fighting against the enemy. All of these are preliminary strategies for you to stay safe.

2. Find hiding places

At the beginning of the game, you should start hiding in compare to find enemies to kill, why? Because you can survive in a game is enough. But you should also always pay attention to the safe circle because if you are too far it will harm you and your blood will be reduced if it is taking care of it. It is worth remembering that the more players are in the fall then the white line will shrink. By hiding, you can fight at the end of the game so you have a great chance to get rank 1.

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3. Pick up the car

If you are watching a green Jeep car, you will immediately pick up and instantly search for your enemy and then hit the car from behind. With a single hit, your opponent will die immediately, but with a note, you should memorize the game map. You should also keep an eye on the strategies you build.

4. Always alert

In playing this game you should always be very attentive because it could be your enemy attacking or aiming you from afar if you experience assault from your enemy does not panic. All you have to do is jump – jump and find a safe place and instantly shoot back your enemies. Try to find a high place like the top of the building to aim your opponent, but it's often ignored by many people.

5. Play with friends

At the time of the game is still Beta or in the trial period, this game can only be played with 1 friend, but after the official release, now this game can be played with 4 friends at once. Well, to achieve victory, set up a good strategy with your friends. Explore the corners and melt your opponents with the right accuracy, so you can win the game with your friends. But keep in mind, your work together with your friends, you also have to play seriously.

Well, that's an article that Shortcutgame can give you about how to play free fire for beginners on Android easily and rank 1. A little advice from Shortcutgame if you play this game you should also pay attention to the Internet connection and specifications of the smartphone you have. Because usually an Internet connection and a smartphone that has unpaired specifications will make the game you play lag, so it will disturb you in playing the game and will affect the rank of the game you are playing. Good luck.