5 Reasons You Should Play Dota 2

Of all the outstanding MMORPG games, it is unlikely that Dota 2 is the champion. Because there are millions of people who actively play every day. Actually, what makes the Valve game output so loved by gamers around the world?

5 Reasons You Should Play Dota 2

If you notice its history, Dota initially only modified the map in the game Warcraft III. However, this game has now been a success for the women to be upset because it is not noticed that it is the only thing that prefers to play Dota 2 instead of dating outside.

Do you guys include the Dota 2 enthusiast? Otherwise, it means you are not fully aware of the same advantage of this one game. Well, Shortcutgame.comalready sums up five powerful reasons why Dota 2 can be one of the games you deserve to play. Instantly you guys article below!

1. Free

Who is the one who is going to play a cool game, for free too? You absolutely do not have to spend money can play Dota 2! Just create a Steam ID, search for free WI-Fi, instantly download it. Moreover, gamers in some countries the majority of power is still low. Spending money on paid games is less likely to be a priority. Other good news, not only the game is free. All the heroes in Dota 2are not traded. So, you can use all your favorite characters for free.

2. Add a Friend

You don't have to be afraid of loneliness when playing Dota 2. Because, in one country only, the number of players has been destroyed. With this game, you can reach out to friends from fellow players.
More cool again, Steam has been giving facilities for you guys friends with other players. So, you can do the first before you want to play. By playing with friends you already know, your gaming experience is more fun!

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3. Practice strategy and Commistness

Dota 2 has hundreds of hero characters that you can play. In one team, usually, each character has a specific role: Who is carry, support, Nuker, pusher, and others. You all need time to dive into each role so that your team can function properly.

After that, you need to do a well-executed strategy. Because, make it can be a champion team, a good strategy is supported equally commistness so it is necessary to achieve victory. So, if anyone says Dota 2 is a crappy game that doesn't need any skill, that person is wrong!

4. Cool Hero characters with interesting stories

Not only many cool heroes you can play with. Each hero character has a very interesting life story. So, you can understand the character of each hero in Dota 2. When playing your favorite characters, you will feel the same empathy and so the spirit fights against the enemy.

If you're bored, try to read the story of each hero character. Not just a blank message story, this life story is the same as the hero's ability. You can know the interconnectedness of the hero in Dota 2.

5. Become a billionaire and famous

So millionaires by the way play games? Now, it's not so impossible. How? Exercise vigorous, practice the solidarity, and the sniper strategy. Once you're ready, sign up for the major Dota 2 tournament. The prize money from the tournament is not playful. The number reaches millions of U.S. dollars!

Don't get the same reward first. Make it can be a very difficult champion. There are hundreds of teams to be your opponents. You have to battle your skills and strategy for the sake of winners. However, if you are a true gamer, there is no harm to you making this your main career. With struggle and a bit of luck, so millionaires and so famous are very possible. You and your friends can reach the fate of Team Liquid or Boom ID known as the Champion Dota 2. You can "all" the people who reproach that the gameplay is nothing more than wasted activity.

How? Five reasons already shortcutgame.com summarized above is enough for you guys to be interested in playing Dota 2? Whatever the reason, now Dota 2 is already a phenomenal game and has a lot of fun. If you think, what are some reasons why anyone can be interested in the main Dota 2?

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