5 Tips to Play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released early last year. This Game is amazing, beautiful and great. There are a lot of things to do in this game and even the most basic system in this game is so rich and complex that the Coverflow guide can be so long.  For those who want to get into the world of this game as soon as possible.

This Game is back fitted by the adventures of a giant hunter named Geralth Of Rivia.  He is known as a Witchers who armed with swords and magic.  He is adventurous against many dangers.  This Game is only in single-player mode and is tasked with completing side quests and playing quests to strengthen themselves and survive in the next adventure.

In this game the gameplay continues the previous story that is on The Witcher 2, Geralth strives to live alone by starting a new mission.  In this series, The Witcher presents a multitude of folders such as The Free City of Novigrad, The Swamp, and Battlefields of Vallen, The Skelige Isles, and two of the Niilfgaardian areas: The Village of White Orchard, and The Royal Place in Vizma.  The famous Witcher Khaer Morhen school in Witcher's first novel was also revealed.

Here is The tutorial playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

1. Take the Time

Most role-playing games nowadays tend to raise the challenge of the main story or adventure as the player progresses. Some even provide dynamic challenges and difficulties so that no individual element is too challenging. Wild Hunt has an old model approach.

The main journey can make you go to an area filled with enemies very quickly, even dealing with enemies that are above the level of Geralt. So you have to prepare yourself. You don't have to worry, but you have to take a little explore every phase of the main plot. Fortunately, there is a lot of things to do in this vast gaming world.

2. Wandering Around

If you don't want to get too close to exploring the main story, you don't need to be too close to the streets crossing with The Continent. It is easy to walk the main road. You just let your horse, Roach take you to your destination. But you will lose a lot of things if you don't explore other places. One of the areas that can be explored is the White Orchard area. In this area, there are places ruled by Ghoul.

You can destroy these monsters and the natives will come back and bring their grindstone. This grindstone can be a beautiful ornamental stone for your sword. You can also explore the unexplored streets. These kinds of places can improve one of your magical Signs and reward you with the ability points to upgrade Geralt skills.

3. Meditation

Most RPG have a potion system to improve health and some have a resting system or a camp system for greater benefits. The Mediate mechanism that exists in the Wild Hunt can do more. Not only can this mechanism replenish vitality (health) and stamina, meditation can also replenish your potion. Surely as long as you have Strong Alcohol at hand. Furthermore, this way is a good way to fill in time if you don't like to wander in the dark. Meditation can be done anywhere as long as you can stand and not fight. Even a short time meditation can refresh you back.

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4. Fight Seriously

The fight in the Wild Hunt takes place in real-time and can take place very, very quickly. You might think if this fight is similar to an RPG with a hack-and-slash style, but it actually doesn't. Even with normal difficulty levels, the fight in this game requires strategy, attention, time and knowledge.

Watch the enemy attack patterns to learn the right time to block and retaliate attacks. Try different signs to distinguish each opponent's weaknesses. And strive to maneuver until you are in a profitable position. Attacking enemies from behind offers a great advantage in the form of deadly attacking abilities.

5. Prepare Properly

Understand if, in this game, any enemy you face can hurt Geralt with a deadly wound. So before you attack, have a mature preparation. Make sure your vitality and stamina are completely filled. Look in the handbook to see what kind of attacks are capable of defeating the monsters you are reaching.

Equip yourself with useful Sign and potion that can be used. Give the oil on your sword with the appropriate oil to fight. Make sure that no equipment needs fixing. Once you're done, save your game.

That's the tips of playing The Witcher 3, you can try away from me although there are still other tutorials, it does not hurt if you try. Hopefully useful.