7 Hero Dota 2, The Strongest That Ever Existed and Became an Idol

Dota 2 is one of the many online games played by online gamers. Not only does it offer fun games, but it also presents a wide variety of hero characters that have great power. Because of the power of the hero's character, many gamers are interested in being a fan of the figure. Players who can master the hero's character, the player can win the game easily.

7 Hero Dota 2, The Strongest

Speaking of Dota 2 hero figures, there are many hero characters with great power. Of the many characters of the Dota 2 heroes that are equipped with great power, we will discuss the seven strongest hero figures ever in the Dota 2 game. With an explanation of the seven hero figures, gamers can try to master the hero's character so that the game can be run in a more fun way.

If you are interested in information about the seven strongest hero Dota 2 figures that ever existed today, see the following explanation on the hero figure below:


Meepo – The Geomancer is one of the strongest hero figures in Dota 2. Being one of the strongest figures in Dota 2 makes the character difficult to master. To play the hero's character, you must have good skills in controlling the game's speed. For those who want to master Micro Skill, the character is the right person to play.


Lanaya became a figure of Dota 2 hero that is difficult to use. If you wish to play the figure, good speed and observation are key to controlling the character. The reflection Skill owned by the character has great speed so you have to have the speed in mastering the game well.


This Melle-type Hero utilizes stealth to perform attacks. With the attack he did, the attack was able to surprise the enemies so that the enemy could be defeated in a fast time. Rikimari became the most powerful hero by the type of attack he had.

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Similarly to Rikimaru, BloodSeeker is a type of Melle Agility hero. It has great power and is very terrible. In the fight against his enemies, BloodSeeker transforms enemies into a blood rage and causes damage to the enemy's body. With its blood rage powers, BloodSeeker can increase damage and make itself a huge hero in Dota 2.


To use this character, you must know the character of Kael well. Without getting to know the character, you can only issue a meteor as a weapon in defeating opponents. It has other strengths and is difficult to use.


To control Terrorblade, you need statistic items that make it able to control the illusion firmly. With such abilities, Terrorblade can perform blood swap to the enemy so that the enemy has a drastic decline in levels.


Pudge became a figure of the Dota 2 hero with great power. He is even often referred to as a cold-blooded killer for being able to kill opponents at the beginning. To play the character is relatively difficult and requires skills in mastering the Dota 2 games and understanding the hero's character. Although difficult, the seven hero figures have great power and become a sponsor for fans.

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