Five unique changes for PUBG PC Season 4, Erangel increasingly cool!

Is there anything that makes the latest season of PUBG PC increasingly interesting? Here are five unique changes to PUBG PC Season 4 that you should know! Playerunknown'S Battleground (PUBG) PC will soon face the latest season. In the face of this latest season, PUBG delivers several changes to make the game not boring, while providing some improvements including buff and Nerf for weapons. Then is there anything else that makes the latest season of PUBG more interesting? Here are 5 unique changes of PUBG PC Season 4 that you should know!

Five unique changes for PUBG PC Season 4, Erangel increasingly cool!

1. Enhancement for Item Healing

  • Item healing can be used while moving at walking speed;
  • The bandage can be used continuously until the health becomes 75 percent, or runs out of Bandage; Without needing to use it manually;
  • First Aid Kit cannot cure damage received after healing starts means that damage received after using the First Aid Kit will not be recovered.

2. The presence of a black disc player (Turntable)

The presence of a vinyl player (Turntable) is one of the unique ways of PUBG to deliver something different in the game. This tool is scattered throughout the site. Then what is the function?

  • The turntable will spawn randomly in Erangel. Press the ' Use ' button to turn the music on or off;
  • Turntables can be destroyed;
  • Music played on turntables can be heard by all players around;
  • Music will stop after one song.

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3. Change of Blue Zone in Erangel

The change of the Blue Zone in Erangel also happens thanks to several feedback from the players. For a list of changes, you can see below:

  • The size of the safe zone in the initial phase has been reduced
  • Blue Zone waiting time at the beginning and center of the game has been reduced
  • Blue Zone speed in the middle and end of the game has been reduced
  • The Blue Zone waiting time in the final phase has been reduced

4. PUBG Weapon Customization

Not only is the change for Erangel, but there is also a balancing of the weapons that are in PUBG. Here are some adjustments you can see:


  • Increase Kar98k damage from 75 to 79;
  • Increase the damage per bullet of all shotguns by 2 points;
  • Increase the effectiveness of damage at distances in SMG;
  • Increased multiplier for SMG: Torso 1.05 (formerly 1.0) LIMB 1.3 (formerly 1.25);
  • Increase the default zoom on Crossbow by 3 percent;
  • The accuracy of the Pistol when using Laser Sight increased by 70 percent.


  • Reduce the base damage on M24 to 75 from 79;
  • Reduced damage Beryl from 46 to 45;
  • Reduce the AKM and Groza damage from 49 to 47;
  • Reduce damage to the entire 5.56 mm Rifle from 43 to 41.


  • The Duckbill Attachment now divides bullets vertically instead of horizontally;
  • Crossbow has a trajectory for easy aiming;
  • Add top rail to Uzi so that it can be paired Red Dot and Holographic.

5. Visual Update for Erangel

Since the launch of PUBG in March 2017, Erangel became the main location of this Battle Royale game. After many folders were present, Erangel started to leave many fans who had already asked PUBG to make changes to Erangel. When paired with Vikendi, Sanhok, and Miramar; Erangel has been very lagging in terms of graphics and gameplay improvements.

 PUBG Executive Producer, TS Jang says the company has the goal of entertaining fans with a unique experience when playing PUBG with more realistic battles.

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