Interesting Facts Dota 2 According to The Players

Each game, of course, has its own story for players including the Dota 2 game. Various things are only understandable by gamers who play this game. This makes the game even more enjoyable, especially if you can share it with other friends who also feel it. Moreover, building this game is certainly not an easy thing to do.

Interesting Facts Dota 2 According to The Players

Here's an interesting fact in the Dota 2 game that only the users know:

Laughed at Failure

Some heroes do have to be executed well if you want to get optimal results and make use of the spell owned by the hero. To get big damage of course you have to make every executable done right. Moreover, a spell-like blackhole or reverse polarity does have a long cooldown period. If until you fail to execute and finally just catch the wind, of course, it becomes a laughing matter of the enemy and even the team itself.

Lost Because Players Throw

It would be very sad to feel that victory is already in front of the eyes to be the same because there are team members who do stupid actions. For example, fight against enemies in a fountain or other conditions. Of course, it will upset and discard the chance to win and let the enemy get the chance to destroy your team.

Favorite Hero Given Nerf

The next painful period for the DotA 2 players is when his beloved hero gets Nerf, although his goal is to make the game more balanced of course this is very painful. There is even a hero who is exposed to the all-out nerf until you finally lazy to use it again. For players who have long been in the DotA world, of course, it is not a new condition in this game. Although painful still have to continue the game fairly certainly.

Annoying Connection Interruptions

Usually, if you get disconnected when playing the connection then it will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to be able to restore the Internet connection and continue the game. But if the condition is not able to return within 5 minutes then it will be considered as abandon and go to low priority. Of course, there is in this position is a nightmare for players DotA 2 especially if the cause is a power that dies or connection disconnected just so. The various efforts that have been done before to be able to get the best position in the game are finally wasted once your connectivity is disconnected with the game.

Ward Destroyed Once Installed

Ward is indeed one of the small items in the game but it is very important. Even the valve also gives the buff for the ward so the players are more diligent to pair it. But the players of this game of course often also feel the enemy was destroyed by enemies only a few seconds after pairing. Of course, this is very annoying because, in addition to wasting time to install and remove some gold, you also give more gold to the enemies that destroy it.

The Game is Suddenly Not Counted

In this DOTA 2 game system If the detected player has a problematic server or a bad connection then the game will be deemed invalid or not counted. This rule was made to keep justice in the game. For a team that is indeed in a losing position indeed this rule will be very profitable for them, but if you are already in the winning position and suddenly miracles come to make the game become invalid or not counted of course this will be felt Very annoying for the player in that position.

Many unique things are often felt by the players of this game. This makes them also more compact because there are materials talked about when chatting. Yet so many are fond of continuing to play with this DotA 2 game with all the uniqueness and wonders that sometimes are annoying.

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That's an interesting fact in the Dota 2 game. Certainly, not everyone knows. Only a fan of the Dota 2 games can feel the fun of the game, for a curious clerical, from now on you have to play this one game.