PUBG Lite Mobile: 10 million Downloads in 3 days!

Successful with PUBG Mobile, in order to capture more players, in addition to the PC version that has to be used by emulators, Tencent released a simplified version of the Battle Royale game and was named PUBG Mobile version Lite. The Game that was released on the Google Play Store on July 25, 2019, was a lightweight version of PUBG Mobile.

Tencent made this version so that Android's low-end mobile users can play the game. There is also a game that only requires less than 2GB of RAM. Below is the news of the game's release, which has outstanding achievements with 10 million downloads in just a few days.

10 million achievements download

The release of PUBG Mobile Lite brought the excitement after 3 days of release, as the download number has reached more than 10 million. This huge download number can bring this game to the most popular app rankings on the Google Play Store beating Mobile Legends Bang Bang. For this achievement, based on, Tencent gave the response.

Tencent stated that the release of PUBG Mobile's Lite version was able to attract attention (users) because it was widely downloaded by low-end specification smartphone users in developing countries such as India. Although it mentions India, Tencent does not say about the country being the most downloaders of PUBG Mobile's Lite version.

The difference in PUBG Lite Vs PUBG Mobile

Related to the Light of PUBGM Lite, it has resulted in differences with the most striking PUBG Mobile games and makes the game less challenging. There is also such a difference has Shortcutgame summarized below!

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Differentiated servers

Although it is made to capture more players, the Lite version is built on its server, instead of being merged with the original PUBGM. With this different server, resulted in the Lite player will not meet the original PUBGM player. The Server on the new Lite version is available in two locations, namely South America, and Asia.

Graphic quality Down

Tencent made adjustments to the Lite version of the PUBGM. Certain effects are eliminated. For example, the grass effect, and water. Then, the quality and details of the character are reduced, so the clothes and hair look less good, and the folds and shadows of the characters are invisible.

Different weapon strengths

Although the weapon is made with the original version, in this Lite version of the weapon damage is made different. The weapon Damage in this Lite version is made more painful, to make the game can be completed in a maximum of 10 minutes. Because of the pain, BA Kar98K who should be able to kill enemies with 2-3 times headshot, in the Lite version, quite once headshot, then the Level 2 helmet was not able to save the enemy life.

Maps made differently

Unlike the original, the Lite version has only one map, namely Erangel with Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi omitted. Not only that, the size of Erangel that should be 8x8km is also reduced to 2x2km. The locations in the PUBG Lite folder are made different too. Starting from the name, environment, and buildings are different. Because of its small size, the distance between buildings is made close together.

Reduced game Mode

Arcade game Mode, in the Lite version, is only available in War, while Quick Match, Sniper Training, and
Mini-zone is eliminated. For perspective mode, there is only TPP (Third Person Perspective) only.
Precise weapons accuracy

Related to the game that is expected to end sooner, in addition to the damage made more painful, the level of accuracy of the weapon is made far from its original weapon resemblance. The accuracy of the weapon on this version of PUBG Mobile Lite is made more accurate, to the extent that there is no difference between using the scope and not wearing it.

Supply Crates presented more often

In addition to the smaller maps, to support the fast-paced game, Tencent makes the intensity of the supply crates dropped from the plane more often. Its attendance time is 1-2 minutes.
Many bots in games
Compared to the original version of this Battle Royale game, you'll see a lot of bots in the game PUBG Mobile Lite. This is caused by users who are categorized still slightly when compared to the original.

Missing in-Game controls

Game controls in the Lite version are made unchanged. There are only two changes, namely removing the run or Sprint button, as well as the usual shortcut keys used to replace the scope.

Jeep and Brake Eliminated

In the game PUBG Mobile, some vehicles can be used to drive in a war situation, namely Jeep, motorcycle, buggy, and sedan. However, in the PUBG Lite version, Jeep's existence is eliminated. Not only that, the brakes are eliminated.

Looting easier

Subject looting, in the version of PUBG Lite, made it easier. In the PUBGM Lite version, buildings are made more and more tightly, resulting in the supply of goods and weapons will be easier, as well as many.

Similarly, the information about PUBG Mobile Lite version, and the achievement of 10 million downloads in just 3 days. Hopefully useful, and don't forget to keep track of PUBG game development info only in Shortcutgame!

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