Play Games on the Laptop? Pay Attention to This!

Lately, there are many ways to play games. One of them is to buy a powerful laptop to play games to be able to play wherever we are. But, usually, gaming laptops have a relatively expensive price with suitable specifications for gaming.

Many people say that for gaming affairs, it is better to use a PC than a laptop. One of the advantages of PC is the ease of upgrading. However, laptops also have more value, one of them is simple, efficient, and easy to carry.

For this time, we would like to discuss how to choose a good gaming laptop so that we can play the games we want to be playing at the time of rest.

1. Pay attention to the series VGA chipset, not a large VGA memory

Mistake that people do when buying a laptop, ie seeing a big memory Memorysebauh VGA or VRAM than its chipset. But what needs Dipehatikan is the Chipsetnya.  Example e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M. The first Digit indicates its generation, meaning that its generational is 7 generations.

The second and third digits indicate the class level or its performance. The higher, the better the performance.
The most noteworthy are the second and third digits. We compare it with the series 635M. Although the generation is below, it performs better than the 720M.

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2. Don't ignore the processor role

Many people are more prioritize VGA than Processor. Actually not wrong, but it is worth noting that the role of the processor can not be underestimated because more and more games are doing complex calculations on the processor. In addition, many core/core owned processors that can lighten the rendering process.

3. Large RAM owned Laptop

The bigger the RAM you have, the smoother the multitasking process. Do not be too busy with the RAM clock speed because the average game today prioritizes the RAM capacity rather than the clock speed.

4. Pay attention to Hard Disk/SSD capacity

Make sure the hard disk capacity is at least 256GB. Less is also okay, however, the fewer games we can install on that laptop. And we also have to provide some gigabytes for the computer to run properly, not too full.

5. Laptop Screen Size

Laptop screen size should also be considered. Too small, then we can not enjoy the game well. The minimum screen size for games is 14 ". If you want more interesting experiences, look for a laptop with a size of 15 "-17".

6. Choose a laptop that has a variety of ports

Laptops with a wide range of connectivity are very good. At a minimum, there must be a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port, and a D-Sub port. The usability of the port is to connect the mouse, keyboard, and other controllers. It's less delicious if we use a laptop keyboard (unless you're used to playing on a laptop).

How? These tips can help you choose a suitable laptop to meet your gaming needs!