Tips For Playing Mobile Legend Direct Pro

On this occasion, I will give you tips and tricks on how to play the Mobile legend. Lately, the social media universe plays the Moba genre, one of which is mobile legends. MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Where we have to play one character in the team. To achieve a victory in a MOBA-genre game. We must destroy the main tower. Before destroying the main tower we need to destroy the small tower first.

Tips for Playing Mobile Legend Direct Pro

Mobile legends itself has been released in Playstore in the year 2016 ago. A lot of users from all over the world have downloaded mobile legends. Until now mobile legends has been downloaded at play store more than 50 million. Fantastically not it? Absolutely fantastic!

What are the things that support to play mobile legends:
  • Make sure you have an Android or iPhone that has 1GB RAM and still has 1GB internal for you to play smoothly without lag.
  • Buy 1GB quota to download and also play it instantly. The size of mobile legends in the Play Store 100mb and on the iPhone 210MB.
  • Make sure you have a Gmail/FB/Moonton account for your mobile Legends account to be bind (linked) so that it doesn't disappear.
  • If the above you have prepared you can directly download and play mobile legends games for free.
Guide How To Play Mobile Legend:

Here are some steps when playing mobile Legends games on your Android.
How to play Mobile Legend on Android:
  • You will be prompted to enter your Gmail. Do not forget your name and password because your mobile Legends account will be linked to your Gmail account.
  • You will be prompted to enter IGN (In-Game-Name). Fill it with a cool name that's not your real name. Be careful with your real name. Don't let cyberspace know
  • Then you will be taught how to play it briefly. Learn and read the tutorial carefully so that you have no trouble when dealing with other players.
  • After the tutorial is finished you will play a simulation player versus player. This is just a simulation so you only play with BOTS or can be said with a computer.
  • After that, you will be given a permanent hero for you to play for free. About 2x The action will be executed.
  • After buying Eudora and play once again against the BOT. You can play in real-time with your friends or alone.
  • Congratulations playing. Have fun and enjoy this game
Loud warnings before you play mobile legends:

1. Make sure your connection is stable

Unstable or broken connections cause reconnect. It makes you do not get the experience of playing with the satisfaction of your friends. It would be wise if you make sure the 4g or 5g network is definitely not broken and fast.

2. Keep your phone cool

Often when playing your mobile games will be hot or overheat. While playing battery games will be hot fast because it unleashes a lot of power to play games. Some mobile phones will not be strong with such heat. Causing lag.

Handphone that is not strong against heat is the phone with CPU MediaTek. It would be good if you buy a phone with a CPU Snapdragon. Because the phone's CPU snapdragon is resistant to heat.
If your phone CPU is MediaTek. Then you should play in an air-conditioned place or in front of the fan to get hot on your handphone so you will play smoothly and there are no lag constraints.

3. Play when you're not busy

Many of the players do AFK. AFK is when you are not able to play when you are already in the game. This is very inappropriate because it will cause your team to lose. Game Mobile Legends is a game that relies on teams.

If your other AFK player will distress to win the game. The game is normally 5vs5 if you AFK then 4vs5. Very detrimental to the team. You'll have the right to play while you're free.

How To Pick a True Mobile Legends Hero:

If you want to know how to play Mobile Legend correctly, you must know this. There are several types of mobile legend heroes that you can use in playing. Look for the type/role of the hero that suits your abilities and also what is needed by the team.

Because if there are only a few hero roles or incomplete then your team will find it difficult to win the match. Then it must be balanced between the roles of one hero to another.
  • The Role of tanks is-the hero who can afford to minutes in the enemy Lot attacks and also his blood thick. The role of the tank hero is to be at the front row of the team so that the heroes who have big damage can kill enemies easily and not die because the role of Damager heroes is usually not much blood.
  • The role of ADC (carrying damage attack) is from a character that is very influential towards the team. Because of his super big damage attack can be very easy to kill enemies.
  • The ADC hero is a hero type assassin and can also be a sniper character type. The blood is not so much that it is in the Cover by a tank or Hero Warrior so that you are not exposed to damage from the enemy. So you can kill enemies freely.
  • Warrior's role is a reliable Hero when 1VS1 is on the path or Bottom Lane. The hero's role of blood is pretty much and the damage is pretty big. So suitable for 1VS1.
  • Role Magic is-the Hero that relies on skill, so your Magic Power is very influential. Because if your Magic Power is great then you can kill enemies easily.
  • Of course, not only magic power is noticed. Cooldown skills are also worth noting as the faster the Cooldown skills then the bigger you can use the skills with continuous. But Lot uses skill, you will lose some mana. Be wise in using skills.
  • Supporting Role is a Hero type that can determine team wins. Because of the skill he's growing is for the men-Support team is not to kill the Hero. Need special skills so you can man-team support to the fullest.
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If you want to know the strongest hero in Mobile Legend and the game, Tips how to play Mobile Legend:
  1. Buy the hero using diamonds instead of using gold. Because the gold you get after playing classic/rank is more optimal if used to upgrade the emblems.
  2. Upgrade your emblems as much as you can. Because emblems will be very influential in early (early) gaming. Emblems provide additional damage to your hero.
  3. Choose the best hero Mobile legend which is usually used by professional fielded such as Kagura, Lancelot, Hayabusa, Akai, Grock, Roger. You can see in the tournament if you want to learn how to play.
  4. How to quickly raise your mobile legend level easily is to use double exp. If you want to level up the hero while playing is by frequent breaks farming or killing jungle monsters and Minion/creeps. And also get a lot of kills.
How to select items for beginners
  1. Role Tanks use recommended items that are durability items to last a long time when attacked by enemies or can be called a lot.
  2. Role marksman who uses a basic attack like Layla use recommendation item DPS, Burst. If using Clint hero who often uses skill then choose Item DPS, Durable
  3. Role Warrior using a basic attack like Zilong use Burst recommendation item. While the warrior often uses skills such as Alucard wear Burst items as well.
  4. Role Magic Choose the Burst recommendation item.
  5. Role Support Magic like Rafaela use Disable item, Team Buff
  6. Role Assassin magic like hero Karina uses Burst recommendation item. While the assassin uses physical damage like Hayabusa use Burst items as well.
That was some way to play Mobile Legend for beginners. The Tutorial to play mobile legends is easy enough for beginners. Because the features provided by Moonton are very easy to learn for beginners.

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