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Tips for Playing Games Without Getting Tired

Are you a gamer? If right how many hours do you spend time playing games? The answer must be manifold, some just fill the time with a long play 30 minutes to 1 hour, but there is also a "hardcore" until overnight. Where are you? Want to play PC games or play mobile games using a smartphone, the only thing that same is both played while sitting. Even while sitting, playing games for a long time will surely feel tired. Start neck, back, waist, up to the toe. If ignored, it will be a danger because the effect varies from injury to death!

Tips for Playing Games Without Getting Tired

So if you're still playing the game until you forget the time until after you finish playing all over the body, you should read the article below until it ends so you can know how to avoid fatigue.
Ignore tired, threatening health risks
Fatigue is an alarm that our body has reached its limit. But the problem is many gamers also ignore it for a variety of reasons. Logically, one of the positive sides of the gameplay is to entertain yourself and take a moment to unwind. But if it is done in excess, it appears a negative effect, in this case, fatigue.

To overcome this, you can follow a few tips below so as not to be tired in playing the game:

1. Using Gaming Chairs

One of the factors that cause us to get tired quickly when playing games is an uncomfortable position. To overcome this, you can use a gaming seat.
To overcome this, you can follow a few tips below so as not to be tired in playing the game:
This chair has its own advantages for its users, namely to feel comfortable when playing games. Although the price is quite expensive, in fact, there are still many fans who choose this chair as a tool to support the game. Not without reason, it is because this special chair is considered able to reduce the fatigue that usually attacks when gamers too long to play because it is designed in such a way to support the posture to the fullest.

However, it does not mean that if you have a gaming seat, you can take the 24 hours of non-stop, because you are still encouraged to rest for a few minutes in order not to disturb other health, especially the eyes.

2. Align the head with the Monitor screen

Tips this one is highly recommended because it is effective in alleviating fatigue when playing games, especially games on your PC or laptop. The position of the head that is too high or too low of the computer monitor screen will make the body quickly tired, especially the neck part. The guaranteed neck will feel very sore while playing with the wrong position.

For the PC monitor screen, most of the height is not adjustable. The solution is to set the height of the table or Chair. If you have a gaming seat, then the seat height can be adjusted. Then if you play the game on your smartphone or tablet, it's good not to be in a long, prolonged position, because your neck and shoulders are potentially tired. While sitting you can position your smartphone or tablet at least parallel to the eye. Also, make sure the gadget position is not too close to the eye.

3. Good circulation Room

In addition to gaming seats, it turns out that good air circulation can also reduce fatigue. The circulation that can drain air throughout the room is considered capable of overcoming fatigue. Because good circulation will make the body fresher and primed. In fact, it is also advisable to put the computer near or in front of the window, with the record of the air stream is also good.

4. Do not easily carry the atmosphere

These Tips teach that you always control or control yourself, so it won't get addicted to playing games. Many examples are fatal because they are too much of an atmosphere so that the edges play games without any time. As a case, the game is merely entertainment only if you can control the time well.

When you like a game, it tends to be an opiate that requires you to keep playing it all the time. This not only affects a person's psychic but also on his or her social life as well. For that, try to avoid being carried away with mood and emotion when playing games.

5. Correct foot position

Apparently, the foot position can also make our bodies get tired quickly. The correct foot position when playing the game is with a straight foot position as well as a floor retracing. Do not let your feet fall too long, as they will have an impact on the circulation of blood that is not smooth.

This is why gaming seats are highly recommended to use, as these seats are sure to have their own settings for foot positions to keep them comfortable when playing. The average gaming seat also has a high low-seat position as well as the comfort you need.

6. Bounce from the Chair

It is important to keep your body fit. Sometimes, playing games too long can also be draining. If you already feel tired enough, but still want to play using a gaming seat, then do the following tips:
The first step, ' pause ' in advance of the game is run. Then, bounce off the seat and stretch out the muscles and joints. After that, you can switch the view from the monitor screen to refresh the eyes that have been tired enough for long staring at the screen. Do this for at least 15-20 minutes or until you feel it's more comfortable to play again.

7. Enough sleep

As expensive as you buy a gaming seat, the use of it is not enough to cope with the fatigue when playing games in front of the computer. Playing games should also be balanced with enough sleep. Don't let the game make you difficult to sleep. And if the lack of sleep, obviously the threat of various diseases is already haunting.

The recommended sleep time is approximately 7-8 hours per day. Try to follow these recommendations so that the body condition is always awake. It would be better if you combine it with regular exercise.

8. Limit time to play games

These last tips are indeed quite difficult tips to implement, especially for those who are already addicted to a game. Keep in mind, that the game is entertainment, so it will cause problems when it is done over the supposed boundaries.

Limiting the time to gameplay is a very effective tip for optimal body condition. With optimal conditions, it can be assured that you will not feel tired when playing games later. By limiting itself, the health of the clear body will not be disturbed because it is a too long game.

In essence, the health of the body is most primary for safeguarding. We can-be entertaining by playing games, as long as it pays attention to time and can control emotions with the best possible.
Keep the mind from always being stuck to gaming, because it indicates that you have been addicted. Addiction to the game itself hurts almost all sides, be it from the health side as well as the psychic side.

How To Play Games Without Eyes Tired Because Of The Screen

Playing games is fun and sometimes makes a forgotten time. However, this is certainly not good for eye health. If that's the case, the eye will feel heavy, the eyesight will be no good alias Blur, it can even cause headaches or migrants.

Here's how your eyes don't hurt while playing the game:

1. Use enough resolution

In gameplay, if using a resolution that is too large that makes the text in the image very small. This will of course only make the eyes of gamers faster tired compared to the larger in-game writings. At least the monitor screen gamer's settings become larger so the eyes don't hurt.

2. Don't forget to blink

If you're playing a game and too focused it will make your eyes forget to blink. Though by not flashing will only make the eyes dry quickly and make the eyes turn red. It is a good idea to keep the lubricant so that the eye is not tired.

3. Use enough screen brightness

The screen should not be set too dark, indeed with this dark screen, the eye becomes not tired quickly. But it makes the gamer's eyes difficult to detect objects inside the screen. But also not good if it is too bright. Because it will make your eyes become glare and faster headaches. So arrange the screen according to the circumstances. If the room is dark, adjust the screen not to make it too bright, as well as vice versa.

4. Take a break

If you are playing games on a computer, it is better to take a break. Don't play a marathon game. Take for example when playing DotA. Better every one game, before further to the next game, better take a 5-minute rest. Exit the cave and see other objects, before finally focusing back on the monitor.

Tips for Playing Games to be More Comfortable and Fun

Tips for Playing Games to be More Comfortable and Fun

Playing video games can keep gamers awake overnight because of fun. For the game to continue to be fun but also comfortable, novice players should know what things can make it easier for them to play. Here are some simple tips from Shortcutgame but efficient so that the gameplay time is increasingly fun:

1. Sitting position.

This may be trivial, but for gamers, the sitting position greatly affects the comfort of playing games. Make sure the bench or sofa is used soft and gives a sense of comfort. You can also play your favorite games without your back.

2. Cable Protector.

If a dog or cat can often bite the cables that are in the house, there is an idea to outdo it. To pile the game equipment cables, wrap the cables using a spiral-shaped landline telephone cord. The cable is soft and more resistant when bitten by a pet, which makes gaming equipment not easily damaged.

3. Headset storage.

For gamers, a headset is indispensable for playing more focus and certainly not disturbing others. But do not place any headset on a table or chair. If there is no hanger for your headset, just use a banana hanger with a price that is definitely cheaper and certainly more efficient.

4. Detach the console cable.

There are times when a gamer wants to play solo, but smaller siblings also come excited. For this additional player not to feel ignored, let it play a console that is not connected to the main device. Both players are equally pleased.

5. Storage on-the-go.

For tips, This one is quite unique and can be tried to facilitate the time of gaming. Open the old controller and insert the flash drive to save the game. Time to play will also be more flexible, anytime and anywhere.

6. Glasses.

Eyes are one of the most important things for gamers for sure. To keep your eyes from getting tired while playing, use glasses or eye protection. The point is that your eyes can better adjust the light and radiation conditions on your PC or television screen.

7. New game purchase term.

When a new game appears, don't buy it immediately if the wallet content is still thin. Check out the desired game reviews and make sure that the rating of different media is good. Often visit Steam or Amazon to see if the price of the game is down and you can play until satisfied.

8. Enable auto-update mode.

An application definitely needs updating, as well as games, especially on PC. Make sure that the setting to update the game is set while you're asleep. Activate the auto-update mode on your PC and you can play the game directly without having to wait for the old update process.

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How to deal with red eyes that are safe because playing games

How to deal with red eyes that are safe because playing games

Here's what you can do to keep your red-eye from interfering with your activity.

1. Compressing eyes

Compresses can relieve redness and discomfort in your eyes. You just have to wet the soft cotton cloth clean with warm water or cold water. Weld the cloth until there is no more drip water. Then, attach it to your eyelids for a few minutes.

2. Maintain Eye Hygiene

In addition to dirt particles, various things around you can be a cause of red eyes. To avoid irritation or allergies, make sure that your eye hygiene is always maintained through the following ways:
  • Do not use eye makeup, or simply use hypoallergenic eye makeup (no allergic cause)
  • Always wash your hands every before and after activity
  • Regularly wash clothes, towels, and pillowcases
  • Does not touch the eye area to avoid infections
  • Take a bath twice a day or after an activity outdoors, especially when red eyes are caused by allergies
3. Protecting the eyes from the trigger

The simplest way to cope with red eyes is to avoid triggering. Avoid objects, places, or the surrounding environment that can cause irritation or allergies to the eye. Allergy triggers that should be wary of are usually smoke, dust, and pollen.

However, it does not close the possibility that there are still other triggers that make your eyes more sensitive. When you use contact lenses, you should understand how to wear, remove and clean up the correct contact lenses. Do not use contact lenses when the eyes are red and do not repeat the disposable contact lenses.

4. Using Eye drops

Eye drops can cause mixed reactions in each person. So, you need to consult with a doctor before using it. Overcoming red-eye by shed eye medication in the long term is also not recommended because it can risk causing swelling and worsening its condition.

These are some tips from Shortcutgame, to keep your health awake despite playing games for a long time, you can apply tips from us. There may still be many ways but there's no harm to the tips from us you guys try.

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