Tips for Playing Heavy Games on Low Specifications Laptops

Discussing the game, we certainly know there are two types of games namely Low-end (lightweight) and High-end (heavy). Both are equally cool to play. The goal is also the same, as entertainment. You may have played Zuma, Chess, Solitare, Pinball, Mahjong, or Cat Mario games. These are light games, while your heavy games may be familiar with the terms GTA V, Batman Arkham Knight, Far Cry 4, Battlefield 4, DOTA 2 and Assassin's Creed Unity. Heavy gameplay on your laptop or PC computer certainly needs the capable specifications.

For example, in GTA V games that can consume 50GB of hard drive space just to install. Already wasteful power, heavy games like this turns out to be wasteful about storage. But of course, this is because the quality of the graphics offered is not low grade, almost all modern games today already support 4K which is already sharper than Full HD. Read More: Tips on Buying PC Assemblies, Cheap and Quality for gaming

It's also a challenge for gamers to face. They must purchase devices that support gaming activities to run well. Sure not to Ngelag. For those who have more budget to buy a gaming laptop may not be a problem. However, what about the budget? Take it easy, in fact, you can still maximize the performance of a laptop with low-end specifications. How? Check out the following reviews:

1. Update the Graphics Driver

On any laptop or computer, of course, have graphics drivers to support gaming activities. With this driver, the graphical interface can run properly as it should. Update your laptop drivers periodically to get better support from previous versions.

2. Upgrade to Windows 10

Tips for playing heavy games on a low spec laptop, the next one is updating the operating system to the latest version. For Windows users, try upgrading to Windows 10 because it has supported very supportive features.

One of them is the existence of DirectX 12 (the latest) which does not exist in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Versions of Windows 7 and 8 may only arrive at the DirectX 11 version, which of course is less good than the latest version. Obtained Fps can also be better when using Windows 10.

3. Update Windows Components

Update all components with Windows Update. The latest features can be automatic updates such as Visual C++ or DirectX. Updating components can also minimize errors such as D3dcomplier_43. DD is missing and other error messages. But only important component updates such as things related to VGA, hard disk and RAM. Do not upgrade everything because it can cause the laptop to slow.

4. Change the Look to Classic

For Windows 7 users, several types of views can be used. You can change it to Windows Classic/basic. By changing this look, the laptop can feel faster performance. Maybe it can also affect your gaming activities later.

5. Install Game Booster and Razer Game Booster

Game Booster is software that is useful for maximizing the performance of a laptop/computer while running a program. This Booster Game can also focus on selected programs and other programs will be slower up. Besides being lightweight, this application also has a variety of interesting features that make the game better. Really suitable if used for playing games.

Besides Game Booster, there is another alternative, namely the Razer Game Booster. Its function is similar to Game Booster, but its features are far more and can be updated regularly. This program, frames per second or FPS will usually increase slightly. This can also make gaming activities more smoothly without obstacles.

6. Use the Intel Display Adapter Management Tool

If your laptop/computer uses an Intel processor, then this tool might be a recommendation. How it works, this tool will alleviate VGA performance then move some VGA hardware tasks to VGA software.

7. Set the Tray and StartUp Program

Various tray and startup programs will usually consume memory resources. If you run too much, then the laptop will be very easy to lag and slow. So that the game runs well, make sure your laptop CPU usage is less than 40%.

To stop various startup programs that are running, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the Task Manager quickly. Turn off all unnecessary programs by right-clicking then selecting end task. In addition to minimizing the level of slow or lagging your laptop, this method can also speed up a laptop that is being used.

8. Adjust Graphics Settings in the Game

To make it even smoother when playing games, try lowering the graphics settings to make it lighter. The lower the settings, the lighter the gaming runs.

9. Cool the CPU

Playing heavy games in a long enough duration will certainly make the laptop heat up quickly. If left unchecked, the performance of the laptop might be decreased and easily damaged. There are many ways to cool the CPU, you can outsmart it with a cooling pad, double fan, laptop vacuum cooler and so on.

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10. Give Space on the Hard Drive

As we know, hard disk is a storage medium for laptops or computers. The more loose space is used, the more performance is also felt. Usually, heavy programs require large hard disk space to be stored in the Disk system. It is used as a space and a home for the program. At least, the ways above can make your gaming activities smoother. Playing heavy games is certainly different from light games, it requires a laptop or PC that supports the criteria of the game being run.

You can play high-end games on laptops that have low specifications (low-end). Hopefully, it can be useful and good luck.