Tips on Buying PC Assemblies, Cheap and Quality for gaming

The complete guide to buying PC Gaming assemblies Cheap and quality

It is undeniable that the PC is one of the most exciting technologies for playing games. PC not only can run a game in maximum capacity if assembled with the right combination, but this machine is also very multifunctional used to do various types of work and enjoy a variety of entertainment. Unfortunately, choosing the right components for your gaming PC is not easy.

Tips on Buying PC Assemblies, Cheap and Quality for gaming

Various aspects need to be noticed here if you do not want to lose a lot of money just for components that are not quality alias not fit one with the other. Seeing how interesting the gaming world is on PC, but it is difficult to build an economical and quality PC, we decided to give you a guide to buying a gaming PC that suits you. For simplicity, this guide will be directly based on three levels seen in terms of economy.

In the first part, we talked about the low-end computer specifications. This specification is suitable for you who are still in school or college, but do not want to miss out on the latest games released on PC with performance and graphics are quite real and elegant although not above average.

The second part will be filled by mid-end computer specifications. Here you will be presented with a medium option in terms of price, but above average in terms of quality. This combination should be suitable for gamers who are already earning, but also want to use the money to buy another game engine.

Last is the high-end specification. For this section, we will provide recommendations for you who have a large enough income and do intend to have a PC with hardware specifications that can be used for the next few years for high-quality graphics games.

Before we start to list the recommendation of PC specs to play this game, of course, you need to know first the function of each important component in the computer. If you just want to see our specification recommendation, you can click the table of contents directly at the top of the article. But if you need an explanation of the important components of your computer, check out our review below.

Explanation About components


As the name suggests, the motherboard is the parent of the computer. It is this component that connects every component such as the processor and memory into a computer that we can use. Given its so crucial function, choosing a motherboard is one of the most important parts of building a computer. Do not let the motherboard that you choose is not compatible with other components that have been purchased.

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The processor is the brain of the computer. Without a processor, there will be no computer. The processor performs the various computations that the computer can do and divides the commands into other components. The better processor you have, the overall performance of your computer is increasingly assured.

VGA (Graphic Card)

Well, this is the component that most often makes gamers. VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a component that determines the visual quality of the graphics aliases that your computer can handle. Although VGA is very important for your gaming performance on a computer, you must also pay attention to other components besides this one.

RAM (Random-Access Memory)

Random-Access Memory or commonly abbreviated RAM is the third most important part of the computer. The RAM serves to store the data unpermanently, so the required and processed data will be stored in a storage that will be directly used by the computer. The larger the capacity of the RAM, the greater the information that can be immediately processed, and the faster the computer also performs the various commands given.

Storage (Hard disks and SSDS)

One component that lacks the highlights of most gamers. Hard drive and SSD specifications are one of the factors that play an important role in the overall performance of your computer. Storage capacity and service life are also one of the main factors in selecting this component.

Power Supply

The more sophisticated the components you use, the greater the power is also needed. Power supply, as the name suggests, will supply your computer with the power required. Do not let you buy super-sophisticated
components, but the power supply that you have is not strong in supplying the required power.


The most recognizable part of the physical shape. Casing or PC Case is the outermost part of your computer. Many users who choose a case are only from the visual display, but many aspects that should also be observed in the election. Materials used, space in the case to support upgrades, air circulation pattern, connectivity of each available port, ease of disassembly of components, and good cable management are some aspects to be considered In selecting this component.

Optical Drive

This component is not very important, especially if you've never bought the game physically anymore. If you are still diligent in buying a DVD game or have a hobby to buy a music CD for you to copy into the hard disk, the optical drive is very important. Nevertheless, we still recommend optical devices such as DVD-RW than Blu-ray.

Above is a quick guide to the components you need to look at when building a gaming PC. We intentionally do not incorporate monitors, speakers, mice, keyboards, and other enhancements because they can be discussed in separate articles. Without any width anymore, we go straight to the main part of this article, especially if it is not a recommendation of gaming computer specifications. Check out the article below for the complete guide you need.

Low-End Computers

Here are some of our low-end computer specifications recommendations. The specs we recommend below have prices below modern game consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but still, play the latest games.
Of course, you can't expect the latest games to run with the right align graphics settings, but at least you can play those new games smoothly enough. On some specifications, we chose to use a processor with APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), to reduce the cost of buying a graphics card (VGA).

Mid-End Computers

For mid-end specifications, you can play the latest games with above-average settings. More or less you will get a 1080p graphics resolution with an average speed above 40 fps. The price offered by mid-end class specifications is suitable for you who are still interested in buying console games as a companion to your gaming machine collection.

High-End Computers

The following computer specifications are for you that do indeed have the maximum performance of each app and game running on your computer. You will be able to play the game with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 speed 60fps. No need to worry about the graphical display, as most Game will still run smoothly even with the right align graphic settings.

So long as our PC gaming recommendation. If you have any other recommendations, don't hesitate too to get your suggestions through the comments field below. You can also share what computer specifications you have in the Comments field. Enjoy playing and happy shopping!

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