10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

Laptop (PC) is the most popular gaming platform in the world, all thanks to the freedom to modify the gaming instruments and settings inside. As the gaming industry grew, the PC became more and more interest in just playing video games.

10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

The number of PC games that you can choose and play is certainly no longer numbered. And we understand, this often makes us confused about determining a quality game and which is not. That's why we've summarized all the most popular games since the 90s

There are many reasons why PC or Laptop platforms are increasingly a lot of fans just to play video games, one of which is quite cheap because they can download pirated on a Steam sale. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of quality games that gamers are still unfamiliar with, probably because the game is quite ' heavy ' in gameplay. Read More: Tips on Buying PC Assemblies, Cheap and Quality for gaming

Although the year 2019 still leaves half a few months away, there are some games that bear the predicate of the best games in the year. There are no exception PC games that have a lot of fans, not inferior to console games.

For those of you who like PC games, of course, a row of games below you can not miss. Here are the 10 best and most played games on the PC or Laptop platform:

1. Playerunknown'S Battlegrounds
10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

This game, better known as PUBG, is a Battle Royale genre game, which will bring massive battles involving 100 players at the same time. In the game, you are required to survive as the last player in the game. But it is not easy, the reason you need a variety of tactics from starting to collect various kinds of weapons, have to race with time to be in the safe zone, as well as survive the attack of other players to get the first position Or better known as "Chicken Dinner" in PUBG games. The Game, which is said to be inspired by the Japanese movie Battle Royale, is a must-play because it will offer a series of downplayed gameplay that will be supported with a fantastic look. Read More: PUBG Lite PC: How to Download, Install, and Complete Specifications

2. Dota 2
10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

Dota 2 is a MOBA-genre game, and the sequel to Defense of the Ancients mod on Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. DotA 2 was developed by Valve Corporation and was first released in July 2013. This game itself can be played for free and you can download it through steam. The gameplay alone, like a typical MOBA game Dota 2 is played by two teams of 5. Your own task is to destroy your opponent's base, by raising levels, collecting gold, and purchasing different types of items, in order to win battles with opposing teams.  This game itself is obligatory you guys besides because it's free, Dota 2 offers a competitive game and not just a game, because it offers the opportunity to be a pro player through the big tournaments that Dota 2 have. Read More: How to Play Dota 2 on PC / Laptop

3. Fortnite
10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

The main rivals of this PUBG game are the first games released in 2017 by Epic Games. The gameplay itself has roughly the same gameplay as a Battle Royale game in general, where you have to be the last one by beating the 100 people in the game. What makes this one game different from the competitor is that you can build a variety of buildings where you are required to collect resources during the game, which can help your defenses during the game, such as Build walls, stairs, or a fortress, according to the strategy you are using. In addition, the reason why you should play Fortnite in addition to the freedom to conserve a freely-free building, this one will offer Fortnite: Save the World mode, where you have to defend your base from a Zombie attack. Read More: Fortnite PC: How to Download, Install & Specifications

4. Black Desert Online
10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

The Black Desert Online is arguably the best MMORPG game at the moment. This game, developed by Pearl Abyss, offers a wide world of MMORPG supported with beautiful visualization. Like the MMORPG games in general Black Desert Online offers a vast world that you can explore, various mainstay MMORPG games such as PVP, guild, mounted mode, and grinding levels can be encountered in this one game. Interestingly, the Black Desert Online itself offers a variety of exciting features, such as Dynamic day/night so you will feel the day and night changes during the game, which are augmented with NPC and various interesting quests. In addition, the main reason for this game offers a fun combat system, where you have to do the manual aiming, to attack enemies with various combos that you have while surviving the way you dodge to your liking.

5. Overwatch
10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres
This game that carries Blizzard's free FPS genre although it looks simple but offers a competitive game where you need a strategy to win the game this one. This Game, followed by two teams consisting of 5 players, was first released in 2016 for PS4, Xbox, and PC. Although it carries a simple theme the players in Overwatch games themselves are required to because players are required to understand the complex folders and understand the heroes to be used. In addition, the complexity of the hero owned by Overwatch itself adds a competitive element in this game, because you can choose different types of heroes that will determine the strategy you are playing, such as Hanzo hero with melee type that obliges you Move quickly to kill your enemies, or use Mercy which is a support-type hero. So don't be sure with your individual skills you can win the game, because team composition also plays an important role in this game.

6. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

Rainbow Six, one of Ubisoft's more than 18 years old franchise, has undergone many changes. The beginning always has a campaign with an interesting storyline and now it has changed to Multiplayer Tactical FPS. Rainbow Six: Siege itself is made with a tactical element, this element. That makes this one series a bit different from other FPS games. Of all existing modes, the maximum player is 5vs5 where you will role as an operator. Some of these operators are equipped with unique gadgets that are only owned by each operator such as Fuze which has a cluster charge, so when Fuze uses this tool behind the barricades or walls, the tool will catapult 5 Small grenades that are powerful enough to be clearing a room. The game alone Rainbow Six: Siege is divided into two namely attackers and defender, where each team is given less than 1 minute to get ready, attacker team must use drones to find out where objective or gadget location Trap placed and also be able to find out what operators are used by the defender team. While the defender team in less than 1 minute should prepare for such a farm put barbwire to slow the movement of the enemy, prepare the trap such as tripwire mine and the bear trap carpet, barricades windows and the entrance, or reinforce The walls are not easily broken by the attacker team. In multiplayer are provided 3 modes namely Bomb, Hostage, and Secure Area.

7. Counter-Strike Global Offensive
10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

It seems that the game is a must be played by all connoisseurs of PC games online, because in addition to the game one has once Rampai cafe-Internet cafes in Indonesia, Counter-Strike itself is often used as a standard for games of the similar shooter in the market and become one of the games that have professional competition. In popularity, it looks like the Valve's Best play game has no doubt, in which gameplay you will be taken into the first-person mode which will be divided into two teams. The team consists of terrorists and Anti-terrorist teams where each team will take turns during the game. The winners themselves are determined if you manage to kill all members of the opposing team or complete missions such as rescuing AKN hostage or to tame the bombs. For players who die in the game must wait until the next round to be able to participate again in the game.

8. Grand Theft Auto V Online
10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

Who is not familiar with Rockstar games this one. This Game that offers freedom and madness also has an online mode that you must play. In the gameplay itself, GTA V Online itself will have gameplay that is more or less similar to the offline version, but in the Online version of this game, this one offers a variety of insanity that you can play. From a fairly varied mission, like a wild race, a heist mission with your friends, or even crazy like a deathmatch or a Royal rumble. In addition to the popularity of this game, GTA V Online has a wide range of mods and patches that can enhance the fun of playing this game. Just imagine you control your own character and then explore the cities of GTA with your friends while doing various crazy missions and other silly things while interacting with players from all over the world. Read More: How to Play GTA V on a PC?

9. Team Fortress 2
10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

It was started from a Quake game mod in 1996 and later modified from QuakeWorld. Developers of this mod want to work on their own games that they originally planned as a sequel to Team Fortress. But Valve Software recruited the developers of the MoD and told them to create a port of this Quake mod into the Half-Life game engine which eventually became Team Fortress Classic which was released on April 1999. The Mod was constantly tweaked and updated until 2003, Valve released Team Fortress as a standalone game. Its sequel, Team Fortress 2 became one of the most played games since its release in October 2007. Although this one game has an FPS genre, which gives the difference to the rest of the game is that every character in the game has different skills and weapons. In Total there are 9 classes consisting of Heavy, Spy, Scout, Sniper, Medic, Engineer, Demoman, and Soldier. The gameplay is fairly common in that you only have to compete with other teams, but the complexity of the class owned by Team Fortress 2 games is a plus for why this one is a must-play game.

10. ARK: Survival Evolved
10 Best PC Games & Latest All Genres

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival adventure genre game developed by the Wildcard Studio. The Game itself offers a unique concept where you have to survive a wild and dangerous pre-history of animals and plants. ARK: Survival Evolved itself brings the open-world world where you have to utilize the surrounding environment to survive, such as creating weapons and medicines, creating clothes, and various resources that can help you to Survive. Interestingly dinosaurs here you can tame and you use as an animal mounts, there are a total of 132 pre-historical animals that you can find in this game. In addition, like other online games, this game offers the tribemates system, where you can build a guild with other players, to make it easier for you to play and accelerate your character progress.

Well, that's a part of the list of the best PC games that you should try playing on your computer or Laptop. The quality of the graphics, the storyline, and the Konsole presented to the PC games are also no less powerful and interesting than Playstation, XBOX, or Nintendo games. Before you play video games on PC, you must know the specifications of your PC, if it is suitable to play games that have high specs, I recommend not be forced from your PC will be damaged. Maybe it's the information I can give, hopefully useful.

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