10 Ways to Get Free Skins in PUBG Easily

PUBG is one of the most demanding games for lovers of today. This Android game has even been in the category of the best online games. Smartphone Game that comes with the genre of BattleRoyal is already played more than millions of users from various parts of the world including in Indonesia. Interesting at all? You who already play it will be addicted and feel at home. The advantages offered in terms of features and design is what makes the game on this Smartphone almost no drawdown at all. The items are also not inferior to many such as Skin, Parachute, Emoticon, Avatar Frame, Avatar and others.
10 Ways to Get Free Skins in PUBG Easily

To enjoy the thrill of playing PUBG Mobile, it's not uncommon for most people to find information around Tips to get deadly weapons, how to use weapons well and powerful to turn off opponents, get to know the weapons that are in PUBG, Strategy to win in this modern game until you get PUBG skins for free. Here are some of the most sought-after basic points to be able to win this one mobile game.

However, do you know that some items such as Skin cannot be used for free but instead have to use the currency in this game that we usually know as UC? UC itself can we have only by buying it using credit balance or with electronic money and the like. Though not free, with some tricks you can get skin items for free. How? This way is perfect for those of you who don't have enough money or don't even want to throw money just for playing games.

At least some best ways are simple, easy, uncomplicated and fast to receive the latest permanent skin this year 2019 without charge. Just follow a few steps and its process you can already have it. Maybe it's a Skin bag, skin helmet, weapon or shirt because PUBG itself has provided a lot of material options for the players to come up with – different ways to get it. Want to know more information, for that please refer to his information below:

10 ways to get free skins in PUBG easily:

1. Using a VPN

For PUBG Mobile players, you know that PUBG is an active game for organizing events in countries. Now, from various events held by various countries, PUBG will provide some exciting bonuses to users of the game in the selected country. As a PUBG player, you don't want to miss a special item for free? As for getting free skins in the country is to use VPN help.

This first way you can do this by downloading and installing the VPN app on your device. Then, next, you can change the VPN connection precisely is to the Canadian state. Then start connecting the VPN network and go to your PUBG Game. Next, you need to follow the Summer Challenge Event in Time Limited menu/Limited time than Summer Challenge. Well on this page will be presented Redeem Rewards menu. You can redeem the Summer Credits that have been collected after completing their mission. For missions, you can complete are Firepower missions, Reward login missions, Tier Dash missions, Clan Assembly missions, etc.

2. Redemption with Silver fragments

PUBG players must already know and understand what the Silver Fragment conversion tool is. Where in this tools the conversion with Fragment Silver itself can be exchanged with various items of interest as well as Armor Skin, Skin, parachute, effects and some other interesting items. However, there is a more interesting thing to do with classic coupon pieces and premium box coupons. While in exchange for items such as skins, skin armor, frames, and parachutes, it will require a lot of silver Fragment.

If you have 10 chips then it can be put together into a single box coupon so that you can get some Premium and classic PUBG skins. Generally, to get a classic coupon, you need at least 20 fragments of silver. So essentially the stage in this way is to get the silver fragment and redeem it.

3. Getting a Premium Skin

For those of you who want to redeem the Silver Fragment with a classic box coupon, then you can get some rare or premium skins, Miytic and classic even if lucky you chance to get the legend item. It is generally possible to get bigger for the players who are redeeming them with a premium coupon. Therefore, from the Riverside exchange fragments of silver with skins directly better for you to use this way first. Because in addition to getting more interesting skin, you are also possible to receive more coupons.

4. Compensation for re-action

At the time of the Royal Pas 7, Tencent Gaming not long ago has given some prizes or compensation for players who have long not returned to play games. Well, when you log in again, you will certainly find many interesting offers such as items that await most especially for the newly played player. The prizes include a classic box coupon chip up to a skin item (limited time). Interestingly again here, you can choose the number of 3 interesting skins after several missions are resolved.

5. Follow every PUBG Event

Every time the event is held, make sure that you always update and know what rewards are available for it. In general, every new event, there will always be interesting prizes already waiting for it.  As one example is the Godzilla event that is still ongoing. All you need to know from the majority of the event does not require you to group some special items during the battle arena. However, these special items can be exchanged for other items i.e. skins and box coupons are interesting.

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6. Make use of Achievement

Who also do not want to lose from various ways above to get the skin for free is to take advantage of Achievement. This is the most interesting one ever introduced in the PUBG Mobile game. Whereby utilizing it, of course, you will quickly get a very extraordinary gift. As with any weapon skin, gold coins or BP, coupons, coupon fragments, silver fragments, and many others.

Usually, in this mission, you will find Achievement on the right side of the screen. Please complete and claim your gift there. For those of you who may still be using the old version of PUBG Mobile app, the achievement will be at the bottom of the profile. As for the latest version, PUBG has changed the position to the mission to make it easier for you to find it.

7. Through crates or Crate

Next up this is how to get paid PUBG Mobile skins for free by opening the crates. After completing the achievement as explained above, you will get a free coupon that is used to open crates or crate. The content of a coffin is very beneficial, but this is true if you know how to open it for free and where it's the right chest to open. Because there are so many crates in PUBG mobile, some are beneficial but some are not. And every chest doesn't necessarily give you the weapon skin.

To be able to get a chest with useful fillings, some of the practical tips you can follow are choosing the crates that have the highest number of weapon skins by looking at the Premium Crate has at least 2 skins in it, for the PUBG chest has 1 Skin and PUBG Classic has 7 skins. So, this all means you have to choose a more classic chest. Also, note that items on each chest can be changed – change. So you should open the crates with the highest number of skins to increase the chances of getting a bigger skin.

8. Have as many friends as possible

By having as many friends as possible then this is your chance to acquire many items. For example, they can send you a coupon memo, you can request it when you need the coupon. Where you own it is possible to send messages in the chat room section, they can give you additional coupons they have. If your friend has sent it, then you can immediately receive it from the reward center through the received letter. Only, you need to remember that a friend who can send gifts is a player who has reached at least 3 levels in this game.

9. Through Redeem

Through Redeem, you have the opportunity to get PUBG skins for free. How? You just have to go to the Shop and choose the Redeem option. In this menu, you can find a large number of legendary goods ranging from the lowest price to the highest price. Well, compare first with the coins you have in your account and get more items. So, if you want to get coins from redeeming this, you have to unpack the clothes you have to get some coins to redeem.

10. Using BP Coins

By using the free Bp cons you are possibly able to get some legendary stuff. However, generally to get free skins this way is pretty long. First of all, you have to have a large number of the name of the coin BP. For that, the answer is select GO to shop, then Creates, then select Soldiers to create which you can find at the bottom of all created. Next click on Open Once. Well, now please try to get the legendary stuff and unlock the skins you want.

The above details are the best way for you who want to enjoy PUBG games on Android. By getting the skin model you want, will certainly make a passion and sensation in the game. Playing PUBG Mobile also this time will not require you to pay or ask for money to parents just to have skin mode in PUBG games. Here, you will only be invited to play smart to get skins. Even some other items you can also have without having to have a UC Pass Royal.

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