7 Basic Settings in Mobile Legends, Beginners Must Know!

The way the setting of Mobile Legends is very important for you to know, especially if you are a beginner wanting to be a professional gamer like Jess No Limit, RRQ Lemon, Zxuan or any other professional player.

7 Basic Settings in Mobile Legends

Some people (especially beginners) will underestimate this and the origin of the play. While doing the correct basic settings in Mobile Legends is a must-know to make playing comfortable and easy to achieve victory.  You don't want to lose streak just because of this trivial thing right?

Therefore, here I will share the correct way of setting Mobile Legends to make it easier for you to play and can quickly climb the rank to Mythic in Mobile Legends. In this article, I will discuss some important settings, including:
  1. Basic settings in Mobile Legends
  2. Graphical settings in Mobile Legends
  3. Correct control settings in Mobile Legends
  4. And much more
There's no need to linger anymore, let's discuss the correct Mobile Legends setting tips below.
Basic settings: How to set the right Mobile Legends:

The first thing you have to do to do the settings in Mobile Legends is to go to the setting menu. To enter the Settings menu, tap the Gear logo in the top right.
If it has entered the settings menu, it's time to set.

1. Graphical settings in Mobile Legends

This is where you want to set the chart in Mobile Legends to avoid lag. In this section anyway, you can activate the high frame rate mode in Mobile Legends. This high frame rate Mode simply drains the battery if enabled, but instead, the quality of the graphics will look smooth and smoother.
If your phone has high specs, then it can activate this mode.

But if your phone has a low specification, we recommend turning this mode off. There is also a "High-Quality display" setting. We recommend enabling this option if your phone does not include a high-quality phone.

Besides, I suggest that the text damage setting is always "ON" so you can know the damage generated when attacking. If your phone has qualified specifications, then you can set the "Right align" setting in the chart settings to get satisfactory quality graphics.

2. Sound settings in Mobile Legends

These sound settings please be arranged according to each taste. If you like the music and the sound of the hero while playing, please enable the "Music" and "Sound effects" options. Conversely, if you don't want to sound noisy while playing Mobile Legends, you can turn off both of these options. In this section, you can also choose the option in what language the hero will sound, please choose to your taste.

3. Chat settings in Mobile Legends

In this section, I recommend enabling the "Battle text chat" and "Voice chat battle" options. These two settings are important to communicate with the team, especially if you want to play Solo Ranked. Do you certainly know if the solo is heavy?

Now, by activating this chat setting, you will be able to easily manage your strategy or can communicate with your team to achieve victory. For the "Chat text translation" Setting, I chose to disable. Because translations are often wrong and strange. In the future, I hope that this feature is further improved.

4. Network Settings 

If your Internet connection is unstable, then you need to enable Speed Mode on this network setting. This is a powerful way of overcoming lag while playing Mobile Legends. By activating Speed Mode, the yellow ping can turn green. That was once red, so yellow.

5. Control settings in Mobile Legends

Well, here's the most important setting you should know. These control settings should not be arbitrary, because you need to set them depending on the Hero used. Technically, I prefer the "Advanced Aim Mode" option, as there are buttons to attack the tower and minions or forest monsters. Selecting this option means that you have the last hit attack enabled in Mobile Legends.

This button is useful for push tower focus, so your Hero will not be mistargeted at attacking. As for the "AIM Auto" option. I don't recommend this option. Unless you only focus on the opponent's kill hero and not the push tower focus, then this option can be activated. As for the Target method, it also depends on the hero you are using. Choose "Low HP Target" If you use a lock type hero or hero assassin. Select "Nearby Targets" if you use a tank or fighter hero.

6. Advanced Control Settings

In this section, you can find the Hero Lock mode setting. This setting is important if you often use heroes and Hero lock such as Saber, Karina, Aldous, and others. Once you activate the Hero lock mode, then when you meet the opponent hero, it will appear the hero avatar.

This setting is mandatory for you to avoid mistargeting when War occurs. Thus the function of setting this hero lock mode. This is how to mark enemy heroes in Mobile Legends not to be mistargeted.
Under the Hero Lock Mode setting, there is a Level Up Skill setting. You can turn this option on or off, depending on your tastes. As for the Movement Wheel Setup arrangement, I suggest that it be in "OFF" because I think it is more convenient.

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7. Skill setting Wheel Setup & Camera 

For the Skill Wheel Setup setting, I set it to the highest level. As for the camera movement settings, I set it to be not too low or too high. These two settings can be settings according to taste.

By doing the 7 basic settings of Mobile Legends above, you've already advanced one step to a professional player. Well, so tips and how to set the correct Mobile Legends. Hopefully, this article can help you.