7 Different PUBG With Free Fire

Game Free Fire or PUBG Mobile? Most of the young children and adults must have played it, especially for the gamers you certainly do not miss this very popular Android game this year 2019. Surely you already know both games that can be played on mobile is a game that genre Battle Royale.
7 Different PUBG With Free Fire

Just like the game, there is one more similar to both the Rules of Survival. However, because PUBG and Free Fire games are very popular, you are so difficult to distinguish them, let alone for those who are still beginners, will need to reference which information is better to try first.

Both games online on this smartphone although the same-the same genre battle Royale but have the difference, the advantages, and disadvantages of each. Well, for those of you who want to try to play it, you better know the basics and how to play from PUBG Mobile games as well as from Free Fire.
From here you can then make a conclusion, whichever is more you are interested in to start playing. Also, you can know the advantages and disadvantages of each when used with smartphones that you have. The summary below is some of the differences between the two best games. Let's see:

The difference of PUBG games with Free Fire

1. Number of maps

In the game PUBG Mobile itself there is a total of 3 game Map more than Free Fire. The Map is Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. These three have the characteristic of each one that will make your game path more fun, as for Free Fire you will find 2 Map namely Map Bermuda and Map Mad Dog. For Map Dog size is smaller than "Map Bermuda " That makes the Map feels like Map Sanhok in PUBG Mobile games.

2. The Mode

The number of Game modes is more widely owned by PUBG Mobile in comparison with Free Fire. In the PUBG games, there are fashion games such as Classic, Training, Arcade, TPP, FPP, Solo, Duo and also Squad. Where in the Arcade Mode it also has a wide variety of games. As for games on Free Fire, the modes available are Ranked, Classic, Death Race, Rush Hour, Solo, Duo, and also Squad.

3. How to Plunge

In terms of the flying technique, the two games have a clear distinction. PUBG Mobile will feature a very realistic flight, initially the first player on the plane then they will be ready, the player character will enter into the waterfall phase and the player will do Sky diving towards their desired location.
Then after approaching the location, the character of the player will open the parachute automatically. As for the game, Free Fire also features gameplay that is similar but the difference is that when the player exits the plane, in this game the player will do Sky Boarding by plunging in the board.

4. Safe zones

The same has a safe zone where the participants have to go into it to survive. The Gameplay is also the same as the safe zone that will continue to have a reduction until it will eventually disappear. The Timing of the safe zones of each of the two games is also different because each game has a different Map. But at the time of shrinking the safe zone for PUBG Mobile games and Free fire alike – the same gives the player damage.

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5. Zone Features

In the second zone feature, this famous game has a feature similar to the red zone. Participants will be strictly forbidden to enter the red zone, as there will be bombings. Then of course when the game participants break they can be hit by an explosion and can die instantly. However, in the game, Free Fire has another uniqueness that is in the UAV zone where it will appear a plane in the sky. By the time the plane appears it will look like a different circle. When the player enters the circle, your position will be visible to the opponent.

6. The battle

For battles, both offer the same gameplay through weapons and vehicles. You can use a variety of weapons to kill enemies quickly and easily. Such loot features like a water drop as well – whether, in the game, the difference lies in the PUBG Mobile game with more weapons than Free Fire games.

7. Win condition

The last difference is the condition at the time of win. Both games are equal – the same requires to survive and be the last. Only at the time of winning mention prize winner is unique and different. In PUBG Mobile the winner will get a Chicken Dinner while the Free Fire will get Booyah.

Here are some differences from both the Android version of Battle Royale that comes with excess information and drawbacks. After listening to the complete description you can now decide for yourself where you are more interested as a choice of the top games. Despite the differences and shortcomings of each of these games, but in the fact that both online games from period to period are continuously updated to improve your level of comfort in play.

From the conclusion of the explanation above, it is important not to overestimate or degrade any Game because each one has its advantages and disadvantages. This information is for reference only and you can also see some tips and tricks in playing PUBG Mobile on Shortcutgame's website. Hopefully useful.

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