Advantages of PUBG Mobile From Other Battle Royale Games

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Mobile or PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale Mobile game that's a lot of interest at the moment. Because this PUBG Mobile game has a lot of advantages that its users can enjoy compared to other action games. What are some of the advantages that PUBG Mobile games have?

Advantages of PUBG Mobile from other Battle Royale games

PUBG is one of the most famous battle Royale games of the moment, and PUBG develops its version by creating mobile versions for Android and iOS. The creators of the Battle Royale genre, Brendan Greene, are inspired by a movie called Battle Royale that tells the story of several students who are asked to kill each other on an island.

There is a history of the creation of games with this genre of Battle Royale, but I am here to only discuss the advantages of PUBG mobile from other Battle Royale games. Because I think this personal PUBG mobile game is more of a feature when compared to other mobile battle Royale games. Before discussing the pros of PUBG Mobile, you can also read about the tips for playing PUBG Mobile for a beginner.

Advantages of PUBG Mobile from other Battle Royale games:

1. Many Game modes

PUBG Mobile makes other Battle Royale Mobile games less appealing to one of them by providing a more complete game mode. You can use Classic or Arcade mode with solo or Duo or squad options. Also, Arcade mode is still in the game mode War, Quick Match, Sniper Training, and Mini Zone. Also, there are still game modes such as the Third Person Perspective (TPP) and First Person Perspective (FPP).

2. Training Mode Available

PUBG Mobile also provides a Training Mode feature where you can practice comfortably in this place. For those of you who are new to PUBG Mobile and have not memorized with the collection of weapons in PUBG Mobile, you can practice in Training Mode. In this Training Mode, all the weapons are in PUBG mobile, along with other combat equipment.

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3. Custom character Details

Customize a detailed character is one of the strengths that PUBG Mobile games have. You can choose gender, hairstyle, hair color, and face shape to your liking. This advantage that makes PUBG Mobile games different from other Battle Royale Mobile games that don't allow you to change the characters you play.

4. Wide Map and many variations

Unlike other Battle Royale games, PUBG Mobile has a wide map and deeply indulges its players on the battlefield. 3 game modes make the players have a different feel, such as; Miramar, Erangel, and Sanhok that certainly have a wide range of folders and certainly wider than other Battle Royale games for Mobile.

5. Graphics, very elegant UI

One of the most major advantages in PUBG Mobile games is its graphics. Because it is undeniable that the graphics on PUBG Mobile games are almost similar to the version of PUBG games on PC. Therefore, there's a lot of admiration for the graphics provided by PUBG Mobile. Also, PUBG Mobile's UI looks neat and elegant.

6. Detailed Auto Loot feature

Perhaps almost all of Battle Royale Mobile games are Auto Loot, but only PUBG Mobile has a detailed Auto Loot feature, as you can adjust how many items you want to Loot, such as how many ammo you want to Loot, and others that can minimize the bag is not full fast.

7. Many weapon variations

It feels incomplete when we comment on the excellence of this Mobile game, without seeing it in terms of weapons he has. On a game PUBG Mobile, there are 40 more guns that you can use. Starting from common weapons such as CMA to new weapons such as QBZ found in this game PUBG Mobile.

8. Easy Control for Mobile games

With the buttons or controllers on the screen, you can do all sorts of things and easily master the game. This PUBG Mobile Game offers a HUD customization that you can use to change the controller on the screen to your liking.

That's an article from Shortcutgame about the pros of PUBG mobile games compared to other Battle Royale games. With the many advantages that PUBG Mobile games have, then you no longer have to hesitate to try out this Battle Royale game. You can download it in the Google Play Store or App Store for free. Maybe it used to be an article this time, if there is an error please forgive, hopefully useful.

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