How to Play Mobile Legend on a Laptop With Joystick

In the present day, children's games have been greatly changed. Previously they had a lot of play just in the field of sports games. However, there are now many online games that children play and replace the previous games. Online gaming is very influential for every child.

Online Game, Mobile Legend is certainly no stranger in your hearing all. Who does not know the game Mobile Legend or often abbreviated with this ML word? Surely everyone knows that. Game Play Mobile Legend is certainly less fun if not using a joystick to play it.

Using a Smartphone to play Mobile Legend we've used to do. Then, if using a computer or Laptop device, how to play it. Surely using certain tools like joysticks, the same as we play PES. Instead of dizziness, here will be discussed together how to stage how to play Mobile Legend on a Laptop with joysticks.

How to Play Mobile Legend on a Laptop With Joystick

The first step you have to do is buy The joystick that you will use in your laptop for The experiment you can buy joysticks at a cheap price.
  1. Download the Nox App Player file To configure the joysticks that you have purchased can be switched to as a keyboard. Download the latest Nox App Player for better installation and not to be left behind.
  2. Open the downloaded Nox App Player file on the Laptop file, then install Mobile Legend by manually, placing the Mobile Legend. apk file into the emulator of Nox App Player. 
  3. Before you start playing Mobile Legend Game with a joystick in your Laptop first setting or configuration, the stick is there to be connected with a Laptop. How to open Mobile Legend and log in using an account that you already have the game. 
  4. If you haven't created an account yet, first create it with the new account ID, so you can sign in to the game. Once you have an account, go to Bettel menu, then on Custom Mode.
  5. For the joysticks, you have to use, download the JoyToKey file for the Settings button on the stick. Once downloaded extract JoyToKey file, if it is open software. The configuration view will appear from JoyToKey.
  6. As a prefix for beginners, first setting the button for the direction and button of the Shape box (button 4), the button X (Button 3), the button O (button 2) and the Triangle Shape button (Button 1). That's some basic buttons you need to install for a beginner.
  7. How to edit the button by double-clicking on the button to edit it. After a new window appears, there will be a notification at the top left of the first column saying that the button is still disabled (still dead).
  8. Setting the button by clicking on the column and fill in the letters with the same function between the joysticks with the keyboard. Do on all the buttons to be set.
  9. You can test the configuration and settings that have been created by testing the stick in Word, how to click the button and if it appears the letters such as those that have been plotted then you have succeeded in the experiment and the configuration of the stick.
  10. After that, you can already play Mobile Legend game with a joystick on your Laptop. 
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Playing Mobile Game Legend is very fun and can refresh the mind that is being screwed. The game also hones your brain to set a strategy to defeat your opponent.

By playing Mobile Legend game using a joystick surely you will feel more comfortable and free when playing games. The game controls are also more controllable if you play using joysticks.
One thing to remember is that when you play Mobile Legends on laptops with joysticks, there is a lot of Internet quota if you use a smartphone hotspot.