Prediction Update Season 9 PUBG, There is a New Mode!

PUBG Mobile is getting more interest when looking at the content of many gaming influencers who show this game a lot. Publisher PUBGM saw this as a blessing that needs to be preserved. Therefore, they continue to release updates. One of the updates that will soon come in September 2019 this is the update 0.14.5 or PUBG Mobile Season 9.

Prediction Update Season 9 PUBG, There is a New Mode!

It is said that this update focuses on Vikendi PUBGM maps with the addition of some special items, as well as the latest features. This Update is likely to be present in PUBG Mobile on September 12, 2019.

On one of the gaming threads on Reddit, exactly sub-Reddit R/PUBGMobile, there's a discussion about update predictions 0.14.5 or PUBG Mobile Season 9. The Thread discusses some updates that will be present. For example, such as new PUBG Mobile weapons, new vehicles, and new modes. So curious right? Straight away, here's a discussion of the leaking!

Rework of weapons: M16, AWM, Mutant and Crossbow

In PUBG Mobile Season 9 There are weapons that are reworked. The mentioned PUBGM weapons are M16, AWM, Mutant, and Crossbow. Rework done on 4 types of weapons is present on the damage. When the update is implemented, the four weapons will have higher damage than before. This weapon's enhancement was intended for the weapons to be more commonly taken, and used in combat.

Present new weapon: MP5K SMG

The new weapon presented has the name MP5K. It is an SMG weapon or sub-machine equipped with 9mm ammo. This SMG is an exclusive firearm for Vikendi and is referred to as the Vector replacement on the map. The shooting mechanisms of SMG MP5K are similar to Vector, but have higher per-bullet damage, with a lower firing rate and DPS. These firearms have a higher magazine capacity than the Vector, ranging from 30 rounds to 40 rounds.

Additional Features: Canted Sight

Additional features in the PC version will be presented in the update of PUBG Mobile Season 9. Canted Sight is the newest feature. This feature serves as an additional scope to the weapon so that the weapon can load two scopes. The implementation of this feature will make PUBGM has a new button that is used to manage its use.

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New vehicle: Zima

One of the new vehicles that will be presented in the update of PUBG Mobile Season 9 is named Zima. This PUBGM vehicle will replace the available UAZ in Vikendi. It is difficult to control Zima perfectly on the snowy plains of Vikendi, but the vehicle is much easier to maneuver when compared to other vehicles. The Zima movement is relatively slow, with high durability which makes it suitable for use in combat situations.

New Transportation: Snowbike

The second vehicle to be presented in Vikendi was called Snowbike. This new transportation is introduced to replace motorcycles on the Vikendi map. Snowbike is a motorcycle version that is specially used for snowy roads. The difference is that the motorcycle is on wheels that are like a snow sleigh wheel. The movement of this new transport will be faster than snowmobiling, but the durability is more fragile which makes it easily destroyed.

New Mode in Map Vikendi

There may be a new mode in the Season 9 update. The new Mode in question is devoted exclusively to Vikendi's weather. The mode is Extreme Blizzard Mode. Players will do a battle royale in Vikendi, but with extreme snowy weather conditions that require his players to fight while thinking his character is not dead to freeze.

New mechanic: Ledge Grab Mechanics

In addition to Canted Sight which is an added feature of the weapon, another latest feature presented is a new mechanic called Ledge Grab Mechanics. This latest mechanic allows players to be hanging on the edge of the roof and or wall after a leap.

New Skins that look like cartoons

Update PUBG Mobile Season 9 will bring you the latest skins that have a cartoon visual. This Skin is made to lure players who love cartoon elements in order to spend their money. These cosmetic items, of course, are made unique, so it deserves to be awaited his presence.

Such predictions regarding PUBG Mobile Season 9 updates. It's just a prediction of the game lovers, so don't expect it. However, if you want to find information about PUBGM, do not be ashamed to continue waiting for him in Shortcutgame!

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