SEO And The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Business

What is SEO? Most bloggers and internet marketers must already know what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The sense of SEO is a series of efforts made by a webmaster on a website that aims to improve the visibility of a website page for the better in search engines, especially Google. A well-ranked website page on Google's search page will certainly be a chance to get more potential visitor for free.
SEO And The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Business

When we type a keyword in the Google search page, we will see a list of websites related to that keyword. Website/blog pages that are well optimized and are in the top order (position 1 – 4) will usually get more visitors than the ones that are in the lower order of the search results.

We need to note, that I mean with a website/blog that is well optimized from the SEO side is the website that is in the upper order of organic search results (Organic Search). Not a website that installs ads on Google (Google Ads).

What are the benefits and advantages of SEO for a business?

All businesses definitely have to have income. Various ways entrepreneurs can increase their company profit, either by doing offline marketing as well as through internet marketing.
Here are some SEO benefits in the online marketing business:

1. Bring prospective buyers to the business Website

As mentioned earlier that the website page that is well optimized from the SEO side will get a good ranking also in the search engines, for example, #Google. The better the position of your website page on Google then the chances of getting visitors (traffic) potential will be greater. This potential visitor will be the prospective customer of your business.

Why do I mention traffic from Google is potential traffic? Not all sources of traffic provide benefit to your business, especially if the traffic comes from websites of auto-surf that give a visitor bot to your website. Traffic like this is absolutely no use for the development of your business, trust me!
Google users usually type in unique keywords when they search for the product they need or are looking for helpful information to provide a solution to their problem.

Well when they find your business website through Google that Notabene always displays search results based on keywords, then most likely they will become customers because they use keywords that are relevant to your business.

This potential traffic will come continuously to your website for free and will help increase the number of customers and sales of your business.

2. Increase your Brand Awareness business

Brand Awareness is the ability for potential buyers or consumers to recognize or remember a brand. The more famous a brand is on a particular niche then the chances of selling intensity will also be greater. There are actually many ways to increase Brand Awareness of a business. One is website optimization in the search engine (SEO).

When Internet users search for information related to your niche through Google and find useful information on your website then it is most likely that they will remember the website pages that provide such valuable information, namely the website You. The more people who open your website from search engines then your business brand will also automatically become more famous, at least among Internet users.

3. Get your Customer Data for free

Many online entrepreneurs are willing to spend a lot of money to advertise in various advertising media to obtain contact data (email, mobile phone number, address, and other) prospective customers or their business loyal customer.

What are the benefits of this contact data?

By knowing the prospective customer data it will be easier to contact them when we pull out a new product or want to give a special promotional offer to sell the old product. Essentially, we can still connect with customers at any time.

When your website is in the top position in the search engine it will be easier to get the customer data, and of course, it is free. Obviously, we need other services to store the customer's base data, such as an autoresponder service to build our customer email list.

There are actually many more SEO benefits for your business, and I think the above 3 points are the most important. Each person will feel the benefits of SEO for their business when they have experienced it yourself, which will definitely be more stable if your website is well optimized in search engines.

SEO Activities

In the SEO strategy, there are two IMPORTANT things that an internet marketer should work On, namely: SEO On Page and SEO Off-Page. Let's discuss it further.

1. What is SEO On Page

The sense of SEO On Page is a website optimization effort done from the side of the website itself. In other words, the optimization effort done by a website owner/webmaster by designing a website that is SEO Friendly.

Some of the important elements found in SEO On Page include:
  • Keyword research using Google keyword Planner
  • Build a website with a good structure, it looks interesting and loads it fast
  • Using good Title tags for homepage and content titles
  • Add a relevant description to the website
  • Build useful content for your audience
  • Set up URL (permalinks) that are SEO Friendly
  • Using headings well (H1, H2, H3, H4)
  • Set up website navigation as best as possible
  • Build internal links
  • Add keywords to the naming of images/image
  • And others
2. What is SEO Off-Page

The SEO sense of Off-Page is a website optimization effort done from outside the built website. A website page that SEO On-Page has good needs to be supported with optimization from outside the website itself. Read More: Off-Page SEO (Beginner Only)

Optimization off-page is done by building links (backlinks) from other sites to the optimized website. Some types of links that are commonly built to increase the popularity of a website on the internet include:
  • Links from social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Youtube, and others)
  • Links from Web 2.0 properties (Blogspot, WordPress, Weebly, and others)
  • Links from online forums (Kaskus, societal, Forum seconds, Forum compass, etc.)
  • Links from social bookmarking sites (,,, etc.)
  • Links from blog walking activities (commenting on other people's blogs)
  • Links from websites that receive guest bloggers
  • And others
Well, above is a brief explanation of what is SEO, how its application, and what the benefits to your business website. Website Optimization in search engines is a process that we have to do periodically because search engines (especially Google) always update their search results and display the most relevant and well-optimized websites.
Hopefully, this article is helpful.

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