How to Play DOTA 2 on Android

DOTA2, many people's favorite games can be played with smartphones. With the help of several connecting cables, you can use your mobile phone as a screen to play DOTA2. Surely the whole process is still done on your computer because the power of your mobile phone is certainly not able to make running DOTA2 itself. Create a curious kayak if you play DOTA2 with Handphone as the screen, this is the appearance of:

How to Play DOTA 2 on Android

Here I explain how the solution and how to make you can play DotA 2 on your Android tablet. Immediately you see the solution from me below. Solution 1: Use the Streaming Game app
One of the applications of streaming games that you can use is REMOTR. How to use it is as follows:
  • Download & install REMOTR on your android: REMOTR
  • Download & install REMOTR on your computer/laptop:
  • Register an account via the REMOTR application on your PC, if you have logged in to that account automatically.
  • Insert DotA 2 into the REMOTR application on the PC manually if the app does not detect any installed DotA 2 games.
  • By default DotA 2 is installed in the directory C: Program Files (x86) Steamsteamappscommondota 2 Betagamebinwin64dota2.exe (for version 64 bit) or C: Program Files (x86) Steamsteamappscommondota 2 Betagamebinwin32dota2.exe (for Version 32 bit)
  • Log-In to the REMOTR application on Android with the account you have created.
  • REMOTR automatically detects if there is a computer with REMOTR installed and connected to the same WiFi network
  • You select the detected computer, on the computer will appear a notification if your Android is already connected as follows.
  • Select the game you want to play/stream to your Android PHONE. (I select DotA 2 that I've manually added before).
  • The game will open after a countdown
  • Add the buttons you need to the screen via the Edit Controls menu.
  • To move your cursor you can use the tap directly on the screen (there is mouse mode & touchpad). As for the keyboard key, right-click the left & you add yourself through the Edit Controls menu, editing mode interface
  • You've successfully played DotA 2 on Android.
  • A computer that is already installed DotA 2
  • Delay/latency/lag.
  • Android Device & PC must be connected to the same internet/WiFi network.
This way can be used to play any PC game on Android, not just DotA 2 only, but it is very not suitable for online games for competitive and because the response is unresponsive (there is delay/lag), and for DotA 2 control is very difficult, More suitable if used to Bermiain PC games offline.

It happens to play DotA 2 on Android with streaming applications I do not recommend, either using REMOTR or using other streaming games applications. But if you want to try yourself out of curiosity and just try it please, it's okay.

Solution 2: Play Android version Moba Game

Because DotA 2 is specially made for PC, which you can do to feel the excitement of playing DotA games on Android devices is to play other games with the same genre (MOBA/multiplayer online battle Arena) that has gameplay Similar. Nowadays there are a lot of MOBA games that have been created for Android smartphone devices.

Read More:
  • The game is not DotA 2, but the game is very similar & fun.
Well until here you guys have managed to play PC games on Android, my advice if you do not have a steam account and can not buy games on steam you could borrow to your friends. That's the trick of playing dota2 games on Android, Easy isn't it? Just rely on REMOTR application you can play PC games on Android

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