Fortnite Cooperation With Brand Jordan, One Of The Unique Crossover!

Fortnite Cooperation With Brand Jordan

One week after introducing outfit inspired by John Wick: Chapter 3, and less than a month after a massive work with the Avengers: Endgame, Fortnite launches a new crossover event with Nike's iconic Brand Jordan.

Like previous crossovers, Fortnite x Jumpman's work will include new outfit and limited-time brand mode. Players can buy a Hang Time bundle to unlock two skin characters, the Grind and Clutch both wear Jordan shoes and come with a set of customizable colors, so that players can choose their favorite style.

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This Bundle is at the A for 18 dollars. Unfortunately, there is no option to play as Michael Jordan itself.

Fortnite Crossover x Jumpman also added a limited time mode called Downtown Drop, which was designed by creative fashion artists NotNellaf and Mollmolia. Players race through the streets on a Brooklyn-inspired map to collect coins.

Completing the challenge in Downtown Drop will unlock the Back Board, a new backpack with nine styles based on the popular Fortnite outfit.

Source: MSN