Off Page Seo Factors Againts Website

Off Page Seo Factors Againts Website

OFF Page is website optimization done off site. Off-site actions are carried out in order to increase the brand awareness and promotion of the intended website. Off Page SEO is not a link building activity because the goal is to increase the amount of traffic.

Then why is this Off Page important? What are the advantages of OFF Page SEO? SEO Off Page is important because it can provide a better rating for the website you have. In other words, SEO Off Page is important for the existence of your website. And the profit he gave is quite a lot.


OFF Page SEO can increase the number of website visitor traffic. If your website has many visits from many readers, surely you will benefit. Websites that contain ads are more frequently promoted. That way the products you sell will be more saleable and the website will get a positive predicate in the wider community.

Pagerank will increase. In short, PageRank is a factor that Google needs to rank on a website. High website rankings will be easier to glance by Google, making it easier to perform on Google search engines.

Brand awareness of the product is increasing. Having a good PageRank will make the website appear in the first rankings of Google's search engines. Along with the good PageRank, the website will often visit readers. The more readers will bring the wider community to know about the brand being talked about on the website. Some readers who feel if the website benefits will share it to another social media and become a chain message, until finally the website becomes famous by itself.


Based on the off page success factors are very much, just like onpage seo. Here Seopotent will discuss the importance of optimization off page and its factors.


Backlink is one that plays an important role in SEO optimization that determines the success of a website. Building a quality backlink isn't as easy as reversing your palm. There are a few tips and ways you should know. Please refer to the explanation below.
Not how much, but rather how qualified the backlink is in the wake!
From the quote above, it is obvious. Not how many, thousands, tens of thousands, or millions of backlinks you grow for the purpose of increasing the position of the pursued website or keywords. Rather how qualified the backlink you build. Seopotent itself already proved this thing.  So, please build a quality backlink and from the sources of quality backlinks.

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Social Media also plays an important role in SEO optimization. Google itself has already emphasized it. May be from among the SEO practitioners, it is no stranger. But for beginners, social media is one of the keys to your SEO success.

There are some giant social media that can be used for SEO optimization off page. I.e:
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Here are some SEO tips off page:

Article Marketing

Quality content is king (quality content is king). Maybe everyone needs fresh and quality information, that's why we make a backlink for the user's narrative to flock to our site. Being a copywriter or writer is helpful once in this effort. Use the Resource box, a box that only includes the website contains information relevant to the article submitted to the article directory.

Participation in the Forum

Search for forum info relevant to your website content and then share accurate information that is indispensable to forum members. A signature is a characteristic or message included at the end of each post. That would be beneficial for your off-page SEO campaign. Make it as simple as possible and make sure the message contains something about your website, a link that contains a search for the best phrase or keyword and that makes the link invite people to click and go to your Web page that Most relevant to the keywords you choose. Learn how to do hyperlinks to make it easier for people to visit your site.

Writing a Blog

The Blog or ' weblog ' is currently the most popular weapon for some SEO experts. Besides being easy to update, the blog does not require overly formal writing style, and it is precisely liked by the readers. The informal dialogue that can be done through the comments left by the reader and the blog author answers in those comments will keep the blog fresh against the search engines. Keeping your blog relevant to your website content will make search engines connect with your site. Don't forget to include your main website link on the blog.  At least three links per post to the various internal pages of your website.

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