Review Mobile Legends : Bang Bang 2020

Review Mobile Legends : Bang Bang 2020

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a Moba game app that we can play on mobile like a legends game called "DOTA ". So users of this game will be able to feel the fun and happy joy and can do double kill triple kill and rampage.

How to play Mobile Legends app: Bang Bang

Using this game is very easy, after downloading the application and entering into the game then the user will be directly directed to the tutorial first. How to play this game. After following the tutorial and already understand the user will be presented the main screen. To try online against other players.

Features of the Mobile app Legends: Bang Bang

Features are menus that can be click by the user. Examples include prep menus, heroes, battles, achievements, bags, leaderboard, and shops.

Features Prep

The Prep feature will be very important and influential as the game progresses. Because the Prep feature regulates how much the Hero's power or damage during the game progresses.

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Hero Features

The Hero feature is useful for viewing any Hero in the game and can also see the likes and heroes that will be used in the game. Heronya There are various types such as tanks, fighters (fighters), murderers (assassins), Wizards (Magelang), Shooters (marksman), supporters (supot).

Combat Features

The fight feature is a feature to perform battles available in this game. This feature includes the main features as it is a core feature so users can play the game.

Features of Bags

Bag feature is a useful feature to store the items you get in the game. For example daily skin try gifts, Hero try, fragments, emblem material and many more.

Feature Leaderboard

The leaderboard feature is a feature to see how much we are ranked. The leaderboard feature also includes the criteria such as global rankings (the world), local (where we're like me, UK) and the rankings of fellow friends (other users who make friends with us)

Feature Achievements

Achievement feature is the feature to see the achievements that we have achieved in the game. The achievements of the game are very much.

Store Features

Store features are a feature for us to shop for goods such as Hero, skin Hero, material to upgrade the emblem and many more.

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