8 Ways to Get Free Diamond on Free Fire

One genre of online gaming that remains popular in Indonesia to date is shooting shoot. After a success with Point Blank for many years, Garena still relies on the genre of this FPS Game as its source of input. Therefore, this Publisher game company in Indonesia is looking for another name for Point Blank replacement. There is also a name that replaces Free Fire. And this time I will talk about how to get a free Diamond without having to top up on Free Fire (FF).

8 Ways to Get Free Diamond on Free Fire
As with other premium games, in this game, it also has the currency used to buy premium goods. The currency is a diamond besides the free skin FF of course. Getting this payment tool for free is one of the many players being targeted. However, most instead buy diamond illegally, or with a hack system. In fact there are several ways to get a free diamond (DM) in Free Fire (FF) games legally in 2020, as described below.

1. Using cubic News App

Cubic News You can get by downloading it on the Play Store. Here you can read the interesting Daily news and also you can do the mission given to earn points, but of course before doing so you have to register your account first.

To be able to complete the registration in cubic News You can click on the "I" section and log in with one of your social media accounts and you can get a variety of missions here to earn extra points. The points you get from here can redeem your credit for free diamond on Free Fire.

2. Using Surfee Application

Surfee can be done by downloading directly to the Play Store and register immediately by filling out the necessary data. If you already have a referral code you can enter it to get an extra 500 points as a registration gift, if you don't have, you can enter the referral code YOK51. The points you collect can be exchanged for credits that you can redeem with a free diamond on Free Fire.

3. Follow the Youtuber Giveaway

Although not as much as the popular games in Indonesia, but there are still Youtuber Gaming that plays Free Fire games. These YouTubers, usually hold a giveaway when they feel there is achievement they achieve. Well, let's make it easier for you to monitor which YouTubers are often and or ever provide giveaway diamonds in Free Fire (FF) games, then I have to search for them. There are also YouTubers in question include Dyland PROS, Jess No Limit, Riski Imo, Maytun's, Muz Genk, and Rajendra 29Yasin.

4. Wait for the Event Garena

Publisher Garena in managing the game Free Fire, for sure, holds events. Well, in the event held usually included gifts, no exception diamond. Examples include the Garena Free Fire 1st Anniversary event. So, make sure you follow any events held, especially those that provide diamond prizes.

5. Content opinion on Google Opinion rewards

Google has a program that provides Google Gift cards as a reward. In order to get a Google Gift Card payout, you must continue to take part in Google-provided surveys around the brand. Give your opinion about the brand you are asked. You'll need to keep track of notifications from the Google Opinion Rewards app because the questions are very rare and rebutted.

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6. Work on a Whaff task

Whaff app has been popular since long time ago. However, it is rare to enjoy the results. That's because, the users are cheating by breaking the application, and the promotion is not on the allowed places, as in the Comments column of Whaff page in the Google Play Store.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with cheating, and are also patient in generating dollars provided, then using this application is suitable for you. Whaff uses MLM system, so users who have many followers will be able to pay out faster. After pay out can be disbursed, you can immediately redeem it with a Google Gift Card that can be used to buy Free Fire Diamond.

7. Redeem points in Web points

Earning free diamond in FF games can be through redemption points at poin-web.co.id. To get points on this site, you need to run a given task. Some have only to register on another site. However, there are also those who require the purchase of goods for the points you can get.

Another way to earn points is to invite friends to join the site, fill out surveys, download apps, play games, and try daily luck. Poin-web.co.id points can be redeemed for credits or Google Gift cards which can be purchased for Free Fire Diamond.

8. Use a VIP Diamond FF Generator

You can unlock the VIP Free Fire Diamond Generator in the Google search field, or you can also copy this link https://freefiregenerator.com/Once you've successfully entered the VIP Free Fire (FF) Generator, specify the language you want. There will be two languages available that you can choose, there are English and also Portuguese, I recommend using English only. After choosing your language you will be faced to choose a complimentary diamonds or au free Fire (FF).

Because our discussion of diamonds (DM) should be better choose diamond only. There will be a wide selection of diamonds that you can choose in the VIP Free Fire (FF) Generator. All depends on your own desires. So you can try out who knows you're lucky to get free FF diamond.

Well, the tutorial discussion how to get a free diamond (DM) in Free Fire (FF) games legally in the year 2020. Keep up with information around games, anime and gadgets just in Shortcutgame.

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